I finally graduated college and now hold a degree in Accounting. So as I begin my next quest of finding a career in Accounting. I will have time to write again, something that I miss very much. When you have so much on your plate you tend to get overwhelmed as humans whether we admit it or not. We may think we are superhuman and can do everything to please everyone but we can’t. Sometimes we need to stop and look at the horizon or smell a rose and think about what truly is important.


Relating to IRS

Recently I read an article from Bloomberg Magazine, titled “The IRS sucks.” You can find video on this on Bloomberg and Youtube.

But how does the IRS sucks, as a taxpayer we all say this because the people working there are normally not someone we like because we either owe the IRS money or they are threatening to take property. Yet, lets remember these people are not the ones getting your property it is the government. The people there just work there doing their jobs, just like you do at your job. However, with the economic as it is the IRS has had cutbacks by government and are not able to do their jobs so this article is coming from the employees view as what life is like as an IRS employee.

One of the things that was also discussed in the article that I find we as humans do. When we don’t like something we avoid it. We do this to IRS employees when we find out that they work there. We distant ourselves from them, because we are afraid of them. But they go through the same thing as some of us. Bad day at work, lack of staff to help, family issues, etc., so why do we do this?

Another thing that got me to thinking is Mr. Big Brother’s involvement in the IRS and where will it go? Will the IRS remain or will there be new transitions to a new change to get rid of it. As a taxpayer we should be concerned with were our taxpaying money is going, what it is buying or paying. In 2013 the IRS was audit by Congress, since the IRS is privately owned by Federal Reserve Bank and you could probably say politicians.

Well, as I would love to write more on this I have to go to class. So if you want to comment please do so.



secret angel

That was the last chapters that I had finish so I guess I will be adding that to my to do list please give me some feedback on what you all think.

My Busy Life

After signing back up for school to finish the last two semester of college I have gotten really busy, some may have noticed since I haven’t been on for awhile. I am now the Secretary/Editor of the Accounting Club that I help started. I did not wish to be president. Given the fact that yes in some aspect I would have liked the title but I don’t like talking in front of a lot of people. I enjoy doing more of my talking here behind the screen or on paper, not in face to face. I have always been the shy person and even though I am slowly overcoming that I have no problem stepping aside and giving it to another classmate. So on top of the three classes and homework in each, the kids and family life I now get to work on putting together a newsletter for accounting club. Which is fine because I really have nothing to do in my spare time much since I am not working now since my van is not safe to drive alignment issues, and the kids mostly spend their time either on the xbox or in their room watching tv. The only time we spend together is when I making them do family time or they want something. So I am going to be working on my interview skills for the newsletter by asking some of you wonderful people if I can interview you. Well enough for now for those who have been reading my novel I will get you some more chapters uploaded soon they are done just need to be move.

secert angel

Chapter Six

Crystal, Jonathan and Koda was in the Ford Expedition driving back. Bella so wanted to fly so Crystal had trusted Sophia to take Bella on the plane to North Carolina but Koda’s air sickness was going to create a slight problem getting to Italy later. Crystal didn’t have to drive, Jack and Albert did the driving and her and Jonathan could sit in the back and talk. Koda was in his own world and the two of them took advantage of it in a low whisper as to what his uncle and mother thought would be the best plan. Crystal thought everyone was in to big of a hurry to get rid of her ex. Of course she liked the idea of not having to worry about him threatening her or the kids but she didn’t want to put Jonathan’s life on the line for it. And a plan to get married she thought about their talks years ago when she was taking the bus back home from Tennessee she couldn’t wait for Logan to get done with his work she had to go home to tend to the children. As she was wanting in the terminal, Jonathan had text her and asked if she was alone she said that Logan wasn’t with her. They talked about weddings since she knew he was planning on getting married and she was looking at a wedding book. They both wanted a small outdoor wedding in the country. She didn’t get to have a wedding, Logan had already been divorced and didn’t want to have another big wedding.

She looked into his deep brown eyes that was hidden underneath the bill of his South Carolina hat. She had just realized that in his tee shirt made his chest looked so much broader and bigger. She wanted to hold his body in her arms to feel him over her body and be trapped underneath all that muscular body. The smell of his cologne arose her body emotions.

He looked into her eyes and could tell she was wanting him a look he knew so well from other women. Yet, this was different she was fighting it some she wanted him to want her as well. He rubbed the top of her hand closets to her without any one seeing him do it just enough to tease her to see what she would do. Quickly she responded as she pulled her hand away. “I need to stop at the next rest room facility, please.”

She was in luck they only had to drive a half of a mile. She got Koda to let her out and went into the ladies room splash some water on her face and asked herself. “What are you doing? He just lost his child twice and got out of a bad relationship he is only trying to get a feel for this idea that his mother and uncle put in his head.”

As she started out the door and went to grab something to drink and snack on someone grabbed her. She could tell it was him he pinned her up to the wall and without any more hesitation he kissed her. She passionately kissed him back as they were stuck there in a moment of just there own. His hand around the lower middle of her back the other on one crutch his body up against her front pressing her up against the wall. As she brought her arms around his neck and linger in to add her tongue as he slide his in between her lips. She didn’t want him to move nor for it to end and he was sure now that he wanted to stay where he was with her there with him. He had found what he was looking for, or who he was looking for. When finally he pulled away she could see that his brown eyes had a different shine to them. As they walked back to the car he had to find away to make sure they stayed together and to make a plan to really get her to marry him.

She hated riding in vehicles she remembered she got car sick so she took some motion pills and went to sleep on Jonathan’s shoulder for the next four hours of driving before Koda woke her to tell her they were stopping for some food.

Bella and Sophia had made it back to Charlotte and they were out shopping up a storm on new clothes for Bella and dolls of all sort for a tea party with her new china tea set of fine porcelain. Sophia was ordering everything to be boxed up and packed for moving. She called Jonathan to find out where they were. Bella stopped playing for a moment to tell her mother about all the dolls they bought and stuff animals to have a tea party with. She even told her about the old man snoring on the plane that sounded just like Koda.

Crystal was happy to hear Bella so excited. She couldn’t wait to give her a hug and to have tea with her at her tea party. They ate steak at Chili’s and then switch driver she tried to get the guys to let her drive but they said no. She also tried to get Koda to get in the middle and he said no. “Looks like you have to sit by the unpaid patient. How about I pay you now?” “Just let me sleep so I don’t get sick. Okay.” “Definitely. Is there something I could get you to help sleep?”

“No, except maybe some country music.” “You could listen to my iPod.” He reached into his bag and retrieve a white and blue mini iPod and handed it to her. She stuck the ear buds into her ears and started listening to “My Best Friend” she drifted off to sleep on his shoulder again. He enjoyed the feeling of her laying on his shoulder even if it at times got uncomfortable. He even feel asleep a couple of times watching her breathe.


Logan begin to pack some of his belongings back into his bag so that he could return to Chicago. He was interested in taking over the Boss man’s estate while he was gone. He had to start making his plan on how to get him out of the way also. Jonathan was going to become a problem now since he was with his ex-wife. If it came to it he would have to take them both out and raise the kids his self. He could hire a nanny for them. He would have to make it look like an accident so the kids would not get upset. Sophia had found out about the will just in time and had removed him from being heir to her decease husband who was so sick he didn’t know what he was sign that day he came to get a signature. She was going to be the last he got rid of so he could enjoy the pain and suffering she endured losing her sons and brother. No one knew that the old man died of suffocation from Logan. So he had lost his job for it at the law firm, but no one could prove he died when he was there he was alive when he was last seen by the nurse while Logan was in there. Logan said he was sleeping when he left and the nurse did not think anything of it since the man was old and very sick. It was easy killing the man.

But Uncle Frank Delmar was going to be a little bit tougher, he was a fighter. He had to think of a way to make it look like an accident or done by someone else. “Ah Ha” he thought out loud to himself. That was it he would talk to the drug lords and convince them that the person turning them in and getting them busted was Frank Delmar they would retaliate against him and someone would get in a lucky shot. It would go down as a drug deal gone bad and nothing more said.

Crystal and Jonathan would have to die by torture of watching everyone die. He taught about it tying them up in the vehicle, after kidnapping them, he would send the vehicle off a curb with a bomb attached to blow up so that all evidence would be gone.

And Mrs. Scott would get her just desserts by dying of losing her love ones and she will see that he meant business and not to mess with him and she will give everything to him and then commit suicide.


Sophia called Frank after she talked to Crystal and Jonathan. “Logan, is going to be planning something since he wants both of our estates and tried to get mine twice now by force and stealing. So we need to be cautious. He will try anything you know that.”

“My dearest sister, por favor don’t worry. But you are right we do need to be cautious and I would suggest informing your men and keeping one close to you. Crystal has Jack and Albert to watch her and Jonathan has a few other men to watch him. Once he comes here Crystal and the kids will stay with you and your men. So have trust and as you do so well pray.”

“I am doing that but I don’t like the thought of my son going in front of the firing squad more less. I am so afraid they may arrest him or worse yet shoot him.”

“He is going to be fine. It was somewhat of his idea I said no at first but then reconsidered it. He didn’t want me to tell you that it was his idea. He wanted you to think it was mine.”

“He loves her he just doesn’t really know it yet does he?”

“Probably, not she is unique and different. The children are an added bonus what he has wanted and lost from the last one.”

“Well, brother I am going to get Bella off to bed and I will talk to you in the morning. Te Amio”

“Te Amio Sophie”

Sophie was Frank’s nickname for his sister. He loved her very much and wanted nothing but to protect her, Jonathan and now Crystal and the kids. He felt this was his mistake his fault. Logan was his man gone bad and now needed to be taken out. He wasn’t going to be able to wait for the meeting he was going to have to shoot Logan himself first.






Chapter Seven

She fought enough and plead that Jonathan finally allowed his men to let her drive for a few miles. She could now think clearly and how she was going to get Jonathan and his family out of this mess. She called Agent Lee and had told him about what was going on at the last gas station she didn’t want Jonathan to know he wouldn’t like it. But she had to protect everyone. Lee said he was going to have Logan arrested on murder charges with the local police and with Delmar not bailing him out this time he would stay for a lot longer. He said he would call her as soon as Logan was in-custody. The private investigator that Crystal had hired to make sense of her ex husband suspicious acts while they were married, had finally contacted her. Stacey was able to tell her that Logan had confided in her and had trusted her and told her that he had killed a man. She didn’t know who and had to find out but after researching and finding the will in his belongings. She knew who and had contact the authorities. She hadn’t known that Logan was following Crystal and had lost contact with her since Crystal had done just as Lee had inform her to change phones. Crystal had given Lee’s number to Stacey and contacted him and then contacted her. Would they have him picked up in time? For now she wasn’t going to worry about that she was only going to worry about driving. She had drove four hundred miles nearly when Benny said he needed to stretch his legs and get something to eat. She pulled into a small dinner.   They all got out and went inside, there was one waitress and a few people eatting and waiting for their food. Crystal observed eveything in the dinner. The dinner even though it was small it had two rooms and a counter that had a small kitchen behind it not been used. After walking into the dinner one room was blocked off so that no one could go into it at this time. There were about ten tables in the room and about 5 booths against the window next to the cashier. It was a cozy country set up.   Koda had choose a seat in a booth next to the window and saw a maroon car that he thought he saw hours ago on the freeway. He thought maybe it is just a chance that they got hungry also and stopped. Then he looked closer and realized it was his father sitting in the seat watching them, just watching them eat. But why was he watching. “Koda, what is it?” His mother asked as she realized he had not even touched his burger or fries. “DAD” was all he said and she dropped her fork and froze in the same direction as Koda was looking soon all the men were looking in the same direction. She grabbed Jonathan’s phone she couldn’t resist it anymore she was starting to get scared for everyone. She called Lee and told him that he was indeed following her now. Before she was through listening to the FBI agent telling her what to do he was already walking in through the door and sitting down at a table next to the door. Crystal walked to the bathroom and locked the door behind her and begin to do the one thing she wasn’t doing enough of she begin to pray, that God would show her a way out. She started thinking of the road signs that she passed on the way here the hospital that was were she could go to meet Lee’s men and have a safe trip to Charlotte, NC. She dialed the number to Lee again and told him that they had to settle for a new plan because Logan was at the door and she could tell he was carrying a gun and did not and would not care who he killed, he was not about to let her out of the dinner. The men were going to have to come to her or something was going to happen. He said he was on his way he was thirty minutes from her and that she just needed to hold on.


She walked out of the bathroom and into the dinner and then saw her break. Koda was allergic to peanuts and Benny was eating peanut butter on his waffle. Logan didn’t know that Koda was allergic to she never told him afraid he would used it to hurt Koda. She quickly moved into the seat next to Jonathan and wrote on the napkin eat a bit of Benny’s waffle if you want to stay alive, now son. He looked up at his mother trying to hide his fear and reach for a bit of Benny’s waffle and ate it. “Sorry Benny it looked so good.” Koda said as his breathing started wheezing and his face started swelling up. Just as she thought he was having an allergic reaction. She Logan wouldn’t intervene with all the people around and she told the waitress to get help she need a paramedic quick. The waitress rushed to the phone and quickly dialed 911 and shortly there was and ambulance and Lee outside the doors she quickly walked passed Lee with Jonathan by her side and into the ambulance with Koda and her and Benny got into the car and followed the ambulance to the hospital. “Why stick Jonathan with Koda?” The FBI was there I didn’t want them to take a chance and arrest Jonathan or Logan getting trigger happy and shooting him before we could escape.” “I see smart move.”


The ambulance driver looked puzzled, “are you the father of this young man?” “No, sir the mother had to drive my vehicle she wanted someone to go with him oh.” “I see,” he then turned to Koda and looked at him and asked “What is your name young man?” “I could have told you that Koda Welsh, he is also 15 and is allergic to peanuts.” The man then quickly grabbed a pen from a cabinet and stuck the needle into Koda’s leg his swelling quickly went away. Along with his wheezing. By the time they had reach the hospital Koda was back to normal. The doctor took a look at him and released him quickly.


Back at the dinner Logan saw all the police and had realized what Crystal had done. Everyone was wondering what was going on with all the police surrounding the dinner. Logan had to figure out how to get out without the police spotting him. As he kept his head down as the officers walked through identifying people. The waitress was in his reached as he grabbed her and headed to his car. He managed to escape as he drove he asked her “where is the hospital?” She directed him to the hospital and he left her there. At least she was alive she thought. Logan went to the emergency room and told the lady he was looking for his son who had been brought in for an allergic reaction. The lady said he had been release 20 minutes ago.


Logan rushed out to the parking lot to see if he could see them but there was no luck he had lost him. Crystal had been smarter than him. He knew she was going to be trouble for sure now. What was he going to do to make her pay for this.


“I am sorry Lee, I had to take a chance and had to get a break for it.” “It was dangerous for all of you.” “I know but it was the quickest way out and away from him.” “Okay, so now what is the plan he ditched us also so he may find you again so be careful.” “I will and I am not for sure of the plan yet but as soon as we figure something out I will let you know.” After talking with Agent Lee, Crystal went back to talk with Jonathan they had stopped at a locate motel something unnoticeable and backed in the back. Jonathan had just got off the phone with Uncle Frank and told him that Logan may have spotted the car and would find them. They need a new plan.











Chapter Eight

As Jonathan sat waiting for Logan he thought of Crystal in Italy he left her at the airport she needed to go to Bella but Koda did not want to go and knew he would get sick again. He was upstairs in Uncle Frank’s secret bullet proof room playing video games and listening to his Ipod. There was a guard outside the room that had direct orders not to let the boy go anywhere or even out of the room for any reasons.

However, Jonathan didn’t know was that Uncle Frank was at the beach waiting also for Logan. Uncle Frank had Agent Lee’s men following him if they saw Logan shoot Uncle Frank he would be charged for murder or at least attempted murder. Uncle Frank knew he was going to die soon anyway with the cancer. He thought it would be better and faster to go out with a bullet in the head or chest then to suffer the three to six months more with the cancer eating away.

Logan walked through the sand up to Uncle Frank and without any hesitation grabbed his arm and said “Not here old man, your secret room is so much better the FBI agents can see me or hear me kill you all and leave with your money.”

This wasn’t part of the plan and Jonathan was waiting for Logan to come talk about Crystal and the kids. Logan still had to decided what to do with the kids that he really didn’t want yeah as a father he loved them but they would just get in the way and slow things down. Lee knew something was up when the two men got into Franks car and started driving to the house. Lee ordered all the men to follow but not to close he didn’t want to scare Logan into doing anything insane. As they got to the house a man came out and open the door for both of them. They went inside and walk straight out to the yard were Jonathan was sitting under the tree. “So Johnny Boy, how’s that leg and my ex wife? “ “What do you really want Logan?” “Will let’s see here a recap was that I want your mother’s estates, Uncle Frank’s estates and now for you all to die. So lets go up to Uncle Frank’s not so secret room and have a private conversation about all the details. Oh and where is that lovely ex wife of mine?” “Sorry, I can’t really make it up the stairs let’s stay here in the yard and chat some and your ex is safe from you.” Logan turned to the house and thought someone was in the room it must have been Crystal and the kids why would Jonathan want to stay outside. He pulled his gun out and held it to Uncle Frank’s side where Jonathan could see and asked. “Who’s in the room Johnny Boy don’t bull shit me.” Jonathan sighed and said I don’t know what you are talking about why would I hide someone in there for oh you think Crystal and the kids are here.” He laughed, “No see Crystal is with my mother planning our wedding since I am going to kill you,” and pulled a gun out from under the table and pointed it to his head. “See here is the thing, your gun is point on a dead man walking anyway. Uncle Frank rather have that bullet in him then suffer another day with cancer you would be doing him a favor. Whereas my gun is pointed on you and I think I am faster at shooting then you.”

Lee was confused as to what was going on when he saw some of the local gangs pulling up the order everyone to stay far back and down in the car in case it was a set up by Logan. Instead they started firing on the Scott’s estate. Rapped firing and then driving away. Soon another gang came up and stirred firing before Lee and his men could even get in to see if anyone was hurt. The car pulled around the corner and started firing in the bushes one bullet grazed Jonathan in the shoulder. However, Uncle Frank had got shot in the shoulder by another. Logan hadn’t planned on this to happen when he was there it had backed fired on him and with all the shooting going on he knew Lee would be in the house soon. “So Logan, you have your gangs do your dirty work for you so you don’t get blamed for it.” “I am standing here to getting shot at also Jonathan that doesn’t look like my work looks like you haven’t been managing something right to busy playing family or house to see what is going on. At least when I do something right I do it right and cover my tracks.” “Oh, like what you did to my father by killing him after you got him to sign a million dollars over to you in his will at the last minute. Funny how that one didn’t work since my mother froze all accounts and changed everything into her name. She was afraid someone would try to take something from the poor man in his weak condition.” “Your mother was just one step smarter than me and that was all. At least I eased his pain and suffering unlike what she could do she couldn’t bring herself to pulling the plug like I did and smothering him with his pillow while he laid there helpless.” “You bastard you killed my helpless father.” Lee heard the shot in his ear piece to quick and he rushed out of the car and in the house he was afraid Jonathan had shot Lee when he needed to put in jail instead. But instead he found Koda standing over his father with a gun from the dead guard upstairs. Everyone was quiet and no one said a word for a moment and then Lee said get him back in the room before anyone see him now hurry. He radio over to the others and said stand down Logan was shot by a gangster check the alley and side roads. Young kid was all they saw he came through the bushes and surprised them all. Send in the EMS to help the wounded now we got multiplies and Logan needs to be sent with guards to the Hospital I don’t care someone is going with him better yet I am going with him to the hospital he isn’t leaving my side.

Koda was shaking pretty much as he sat in the quiet small room not knowing if he was going to be arrested for shooting his father or not. He knew he wasn’t dead he had only shot him in the arm to start with. Soon the door open he was afraid of who was coming in as he stood froze as Jonathan walked in. “Everything is okay kid, he doesn’t know who shot him he blacked out when he hit the ground nicely played. Why did you come out?” “I don’t know I heard gun shots and when they stopped I went out the door thinking everyone was dead and then out the window I saw him there holding a gun to you and I just didn’t want him to hurt my mom any more. I know how much she cares for you so I had to do something not to mention all those memories of him hitting her came back and I want him dead.” “Was that the first time you fired a gun and what were you aiming at?” “Yea, did it show that much and the back of his head I guess.” “You missed that and got his shoulder he tripped over the sidewalk and fell hitting his head. They are taking him to the hospital and then to jail.” “He is going to be guarded or something right.” “Yeah, we need to get you out of the states fast and away from here so we are leaving tonight by boat.



The Wheel in the Field

flying tire

I deliver a paper route in the mornings and on my way home last Tuesday my wheel went flying into some man’s hay field and is still there since I don’t want to step in horse poop. The cause of this was that I had a tire that the belt inside of it broke and it cause my tire to wobble. The wobble cause the lug nuts to be lose and come off and with turning and driving my van it caused the studs to break and send my wheel flying and my van into a small ditch. Messing up my rotor and brakes. I think back to when I was doing my CDL driving school and remember that we had to always pre trip our trucks and trailers to see if we had any fault equipment. Had I done a pre trip on my van and check the lug nuts I might have stopped it some and just had a flat saving some money on just having to get a new tire instead of rotor, hub, brakes and wheel. However I was never taught to check my vehicle to make sure that lug nuts were tighten before I leave. Some of us aren’t even taught how to change a tire or check fluids in a vehicle. So I guess if you have a newer car that tells you that this is wrong or that is you should check or have it checked. If you are like me and still driving something before 2000 then really pay attention to your vehicle know how it drives turn the radio down when you are by yourself and listen to it. You will be surprise that your car can talk to you somewhat. If you are hearing something that just don’t sound right have it check it could save you a lot of money in the long run and even your life. Oh and if your vehicle is staying on your side of the road when you let go of the steering wheel you got some tire/wheel problems or something it should only go to the side a little if the road has any slants in it. Stay safe out there and drive careful.