Today wasn’t a good day. From taking the wrong medication last night and not being able to sleep for about fifteen hours or so to having a flat tire. Thank goodness my fiance was able to rescue me and fix my tire while I was at work and drive the girls to their Girl Scout event. For those who are here to read a story here is my story some is fictional some of it is true experience. Those who know me well will know what is true and what is not.



How does an event in life change a person? I wonder that question for years. Does events from my past make me weaker or stronger than I was? Did the friends I make help me become stronger in character. Many nights I lied awake at two in the morning when the kids were not fighting and yelling when it was the quietest time to think. I would write my story given the events in my life but adding a fictitious twist to it. Why write it I said, mostly to get it out to speak out to say that yes one can get away from abuse. So I wrote it to tell a story of another who got away from abuse, and fought against it stood up for it. This doesn’t end in a tragic ending of a lonely woman this story ends in two people finding a different kind of love, a love of a friend, a “Best Friend”. This story is about a woman getting away from abuse and a man finding out that a woman can be his best friend and the woman of his dreams, even if she has kids already. It’s a story about Jonathan Scott, a lonely guy who hasn’t found the right woman granted he has the looks handsome tall muscular body, soft skin, gorgeous deep brown eyes. That would cause any girl to fall in love with him in a second. He just couldn’t be tied down afraid of commitment. Jonathan from the south grew up and spent most of his time there but traveled from time to time, where he would meet other women for pure pleasure was the obvious. Then he met her, Crystal, just an ordinary house mom trying to get ahead she made him laugh and they talked and joke she was different nothing like the other women. She held secrets he could tell, but she trusted him and confided in him.

I am one to believe there is no love at first sight but I can’t believe in friendship at first sight and they had it, Jonathan and Crystal had become close friends. But what is a best friend compare to just a friend? Is a best friend someone who is there no matter what that will stand up for you, someone to bail you out of jail? I hope in this story you find out just like I did what a true friend is no matter what.

More to come soon….