Changing Moccasins

The leaves are always beautiful at this time of the year, it is always my favorite season. The weather is just starting to get cold, I hope I get this sweater done for the boy in time. I haven’t met him and this is the first time I get to meet my grandson in so long, and to think it took only a sweater to do it. if we hadn’t had the terrible car accident…. I am never going to forgive myself for the fact that my only child died that night and I was in a coma for 3 years in a foreign country hospital away from my grandson who lost both his parents. With him not having any other family members around they had no choice the nanny had to put up for adoption as the state said. It was very hard to find him with his name changed, but since he was the legal heir to his father’s fortune and company he had to keep his last name and middle name. Oh, my goodness that is such a fine nice couple and it can’t be them already? He has grown so much and looks so much like my son, such a fine young man. She is very attractive and beautiful. Different then his mother, who I didn’t like. She seemed very pleasant to talk to at the hospital and then at the office. They look so much in love holding hands. I hope this visit doesn’t get to awkward for him. I wondering why he is crying, if he remembers who I am or was it something else.

“Hello, come sit please you did you hurt yourself?”

Everything was beautiful the day, the park. Even though I didn’t know why we were going to park today. My fiancé said she wanted to take a walk in the park and thought it would be good for us to get out of the office for awhile. Not sure what that meant either women. We had been dating since college she knew almost everything about me and I know everything about her I think. However, today she is acting very strange. That old lady on that bench looks very familiar like I know her from my childhood. I don’t know why she is knitting in the park that is so strange, who does that besides her? Wait a minute my grandmum did that. She would take me to the park and sit on the bench and knit while watching me. But it can’t be can it. I mean that said my parents died but didn’t say anything about what happen to her. Oh my god they still had a funeral for her…get rid of these tears they are looking “Ouch, what the hell, stupid tree roots!”

Well the day looks beautiful and is going great, we are holding hands. The park is peaceful and hopefully telling him I found his grandmum and that we are going to have a baby will make him feel happy again. He will have a family his own family again. We will be married this weekend, oh that reminds me I need to check on the orders for flowers and the cake and food. I hope my dress still fits. Oh my goodish there she is, just like she said she would be sitting on a bench knitting. I wonder what he is thinking, I wonder if he even thinks about the wedding at all? Is he crying? umm, is that hot dogs? I am hungry this baby is killing my diet. Looks like I will be doing a diet after the baby is born. I wonder if it is a boy or a girl? I wonder who she is knitting that sweater for, I wonder if she could do booties, they are so cute and adorable. He is seriously saying he tripped over a tree root. No he didn’t? Oh my he recognized her. Wow, and to think she was in Italy for 3 years before she came out of a coma and then they released her to be able to fly back to the States. I bumped into her at the hospital when I went to see my ob doctor and she was seeing a friend. I over heard some of her conversation with her friend in the cafeteria and asked her about it we started talking. The next time I saw her she was at the office looking for my fiancé who was out trying on tuxedos that day. We talked more and agreed to meet here at his childhood park where she would bring him to play and she would knit to past the time away while his parents worked