The Family Meal

“Good Morning, I hope you enjoy the eggs?” As I worked with my patient we begin to tell stories and today she had ask me about my childhood. Something that I didn’t talk much about. So I sat down in the chair next to her bed and begin. My fondest memory was when we had family meals at my grandparents. The whole family would be there and everyone got a long not like they do now. No one talks anymore, everyone fights and dinner ends in with argument. There was always so much love and everything that I could remember was homemade. My mom, and grandma would make egg noodles we kids sometimes got to help on good days there would be a friendly flour fight. Everyone helped cooked nothing was brought that I could remember. When the food was done the adults would eat in one room with the younger kids who had to be helped. We older kids got to eat on the porch on warm days and during the winter we ate on the stairs going upstairs it was the weirdest place to eat but fun. We always had traditional food of ham, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc. Mostly because some didn’t like turkey and some didn’t like ham, I guess. The funniest thing I remember was that when the food was being prepared we kids had to stay out of the kitchen. So we would pretend to be spies by listening through the vents. The conversations we heard as kids, however we knew when supper was done before they hollered at us. We also knew that we had to make sure that our hands were clean on top and bottom. My youngest cousin and brother always tried to get out of washing their hands by wetting them. I will tell them
“Grams going to check.” I knew I had tried that before at their age and had gotten busted several times. For me, as I wrap my story up for you since my shift is over, meal time in my childhood was a time of gathering together and sharing love and having peacefully conversations with each other. That is what I try to teach my children. Even if it is hard to do now since my grandfather past away and nothing is like it was back then, he seem to be the best thing at family mealtime. For he was the laughter, peacemaker, and the only one who was allowed to get angry and leave the dinner table first.