What I lost the most

The person I lost the most would be my mother. She past away eleven years ago. We weren’t always close we had our disagreements but she was my closest friend not only my mom. I was able to tell her anything. When she was eighteen she was diagnosed with diabetes and in 2000 she was diagnosed with having cancer. She also had heart problems with all that she did a pretty good job raising me and my brother. As I said I may not have agreed with everything, like boys I dated the man I married (even though she was right in the end but I wouldn’t have the five wonderful kids I have). I lost my mom in 2002 in December four months after my oldest daughter was born. She had started going into a diabetic shock and her blood sugar was high. I had done what the doctors had told me to do by giving her, her insulin to lower it. But when the paramedics got there they had to put a mask on her face to help her to breathe she was on my lap when the did this and I saw her eyes as they rolled back and she took her last gasp of breath. She didn’t make it to the hospital alive. I lost her there in my parents old house. My father moved out we all tried to move on but my depression got worse I no longer wanted to be a doctor or a nurse. I quit school for nursing and moved out of state for awhile to clear my head. I didn’t have the one person to talk things out when I had problems. I didn’t have the person to call 50 million times a day and not have nothing really to talk about but just wanted to hear my voice. Even though it has been eleven years I still miss her dearly.