Free writing-a verbose of nonsense

Twenty minutes of free writing about anything sometimes can be refreshing and sometimes can be hard to do. I decided to just do this on the computer and not worry about grammar errors. Since I really hate them. I know I would get more words done on paper writing it out. Since that is the old fashion way and technology makes it different for us. I have changed words already and made corrections. But it saves me the time from having to write it on paper then typing it up. Now I am being distracted by some person on the video game my fiancĂ© is playing who is complaining about people stealing his weapons. Some people are just like that they complain about stuff that are pointless. My kids do it all the time. My daughters complain about the boys and vice versa. Then they complain about chores not that they are hard I simple ask that the dishes be done after supper and the kitchen be cleaned up and that the chores be done before their free time. Yet I get why and I don’t wanna and I am tired. Do I have to. And yes now it sounds as though I am complaining of pointless stuff. It isn’t that it is pointless it is just that they need to learn to do the chores so that they know how to care for themselves and how to do stuff. I have realized that I am getting extremely tired and that tomorrow we have a big fishing trip planned for the kids to go fishing. I enjoy fishing, I don’t get to do much of it when I ended up taking the kids because they end up tangling up their lines and I spend more of my time untangling lines, baiting lines and unbaiting lines then fishing. However it is a truly relaxing time and I might just catch up on some blogging in between. I am about to go to bed soon after this post since I am felling very sleepy. I wonder if I find my son’s missing wallet that contents seventy dollars in it if I get the two dollar rewards. I am getting thirsty I wish my cola was closer to me so that I could get a drink of it. yeah only a minute more to go. My legs are starting to get cramp and my eyes are barely staying awake. I wonder if the kids put the food away?