Chapter Two

I looked up at the ceiling and remembered where I was. The clock on the small nightstand read 7:45, with the little bit of light coming in from the window revealing it was morning, I quickly got up and went to grab my shower. Bella was watching Dora on the television. Koda was in bed with his ear plugs in his ears so that he could not hear the theme song to Dora. I knew he was asleep because if he was awake he would have been making comments of not this again. “Watch something else, anything but this kiddy show,” I grabbed my handbag with my shampoo, makeup and other female items in it and walked to the bathroom. I turned on the hot water hoping this was not a motel that had only warm water. I wanted a hot shower to ease the tension in her back and shoulders. With some luck I had some hot steaming water after taking about what seem twenty minutes in the shower I heard a knock on the door. “Mom, are you going to be done soon?” Koda was awake now and of course wanting the bathroom. “Yes, give me just a few more minutes.” I grabbed a towel off the rail and dried off. Putting on a pair of jeans and an orange tank top with spaghetti strips. I gather the rest of my stuff and open the door. He had his clothes and shampoo in his hand. I begin fixing my hair. With wavy curls I pulled it up in a pony tail and pulled it tight. I was so glad that I had given Bella her bath the night before. I helped the little girl dress in a Dora the Explore outfit and put her tennis shoes on. I had the explore reload except for Koda’s stuff when he came out of the shower. “Mommy, can I watch Blue’s Clues instead of Alice?” “Sure, my love.” I changed the movie for her after I had fastened her seat belt and adjusted the bags. Koda heard it playing and said “Oh, God, this is going to be a long and boring ride.”
Logan had called for a ride as soon as he was released from custody. He had his black sedan waiting to pick him up to take him to the office and residence of Francisco Delmar. Logan was now sitting in the den waiting to see Uncle Frank as everyone called him. Uncle Frank was his boss. He knew that Uncle Frank was not happy because Logan had been waiting already an hour in the den. He was sitting in a chair that was very uncomfortable his back was starting to ache. He thought about getting up to walk around but that faded as he looked around at the many enormous heads of animals that Uncle Frank had killed hunting, years ago. Logan heard steps coming from the stairway and he turned around to see who it was. A short bald-headed man came down the stairs and stood at the bottom of the stairs. “Logan, so sorry about the long wait.” Logan could tell that he was not sorry at all. It was punishment. “How, was jail, you were treated well, I take it?” “Yes, sir thank you, for looking after me. Now, to business of my ex-wife as I have found out, who help put me there.” “Yes, apparently, she has divorce you and she has left the state.” “What! She said she was not going to. I left her the house in Indianapolis!” Logan was fierce. “That is not that important. I have checked with my people there and the house is fine. She has not been there at all. What is important is what does she know about the business, what have you told her or has she found anything out on her own. You sleeping with another women and getting into a fight was not a good thing. You are lucky that my attorney was able to get you out.” Uncle Frank said with little emotion.
They were now upstairs in his office and he was behind his desk shuffling papers. “She knows nothing she was only saying stuff to get me to sign the divorce faster. Threatening me that was all I am sure of it. So do you want me to have someone to shut her up so she can’t cause any more problems.” “No, I think we will leave it alone I have enough problems. My sister’s husband has passed away and I need someone to go look after things for me down south in Charlotte while I am overseas handling arrangements he was my best friend for a long time. So, I have someone here watching things I just need you to go down south and watch the boys there some make sure no one is trying to stiff my sister out of anything. Make sure she has what she needs.” Logan looked at the clock it was almost six in the evening, as he wonder to himself, why was Uncle Frank doing this was he sitting him up or did he really trust him now. He didn’t want to keep Uncle Frank waiting so he quickly answered, “I can do that when do I leave?” “You leave tonight 9 pm is when your flight leaves out of O’Hare. Your bags are already packed I sent some boys over to your apartment and grabbed a few clothes is there anything else you need?” “No, sir I don’t think so.” “Good let’s go to the club for some dinner and then you can go on to the airport I will have a car drive you.” “Very well sir, thank you.” “Oh, I have my nephew in Charlotte who is going to be helping you some. He is planning on taking charge of things. I just want to make sure that he is okay and tough enough to handle the job.”
“Ok, I can do that also.” The two men walked down the stairs the younger in front of the older man. As they reached the bottom of the stairs another man open the door and two black sedans were waiting in front of the door. “The second is for Mr. White, sir.” as he leaned over and told Uncle Frank. “Ok,
Logan you have the second car. I will give you, your ticket and all at the club.” The man said as he slide into the backseat of the car.

Crystal had reached Charlotte, NC she had checked into a hotel with a suite since they were staying for a longer stay. She didn’t want to impose on anyone just yet.
Logan had the tickets, his luggage and was sitting on the plane. It wouldn’t take him long to get to NC. Yet, all he could think about was where was Crystal and the kids. He loved the kids he really did but he just felt trapped in the relationship, he wanted more, he wanted freedom. He didn’t want to have Crystal being more superior than him and he was afraid of that with her going to school to get her degree in Nursing. She was already a LPN and now she was talking about going to school for RN or maybe becoming a doctor. He hated it, he wasn’t getting anywhere in the organization and his partnership had terminated him three months ago and so far no one had known. He now knew with these charges that he couldn’t keep up the pretense that he was using. He knew soon that his savings would be out. Oh no, he thought had Crystal got a hold of the savings he was sure that only his name was on the account.

Crystal knew that if she had touched their joint account or any of the money it would alert Logan. She had to remember to think like him and she knew that she need to get a job soon, but the first thing that she would have to do was to call Lee. For now she need to get some rest and not let the kids worry.
Lee had not only been her friend for nearly fifteen years he was also an agent of the FBI and could get her in protected custody. When she had sent him the email message about what was going on with her ex-husband. He had advice her to leave the state to get away as far as she could and go somewhere where no one knew where she was going and not to tell anyone. She had reached Charlotte and he was already getting the new id’s for her and Koda made he knew that it would be hard to get Bella to change her name and remember it. He also had to help her with getting a place to stay and to start a new life. He had his best agents on this he thought.
Lee woke up poured his self a cup of coffee and headed to his office when his supervisor called. “Where is your girl at? The one that was married to Logan White?” “Sir, she has not called me yet but she should be in Charlotte, NC so that I can give her the documents and send her to safety. Why, do you ask what has happen?” “Francisco Delmar has just sent Logan on a plan to Charlotte, NC.” “WHAT! I am on my way to the office right now.” Now he knew he wouldn’t be able to finish his coffee right now, so he left it on the counter grabbed his briefcase and keys and head out.
As he walked into the FBI he headed straight for his supervisor’s office so they could try to track what was going on and where everyone was. He didn’t know for sure if Crystal had done just what he told her to do. He had advice her to get rid of her phone and not to call anyone. “Take the chance and call the number she may not have gotten rid of it,” said the deep voice behind the desk with a phone to his ear. He didn’t have time as his phone rang and it was her. “Crystal, where are you? Logan is heading here not for sure why.” Lee questioned her with some concerns in his voice. “I am in a hotel here in Charlotte, I can come to the office in a few minutes is there some place that Bella could go to watch a movie so that she isn’t so freaked out.” Crystal said back to help ease some of the tension even though now she was even freaked out. “Of course, I will make sure,” as they ended the conversation. She got the kids loaded up and their bags in the explorer and headed out the door of the hotel as she put the phone under the front wheel and ran over it.
When Crystal got to the police station that Lee had directed her to he was in the shooting range training. Crystal and Koda sit in a small room with only a long table and four chairs. A female officer took Bella to watch Cinderella and have a snack and color some pictures of puppy dogs. Agent Lee came up to the office and open the door “Crystal you look great don’t tell my wife Katie, she would kill me. So let’s get you some ids and a new car and everything.” “Lee, wait how did Logan know I was here anyway? I did everything you had instructed me to do.” She said with concern. “Delmar’s brother-in-law died and he sent Logan down for his family Sophia Scott.” Lee said as he was looking at the paperwork. “Lee, I think I am going to wait on custody I have some other friends that I want to visit first that he does not know about before I erase my name forever and the kids.” She said with as much calmness as she could. “Ok, so what can I help you with then.” he said concerned for her safety. “I need some money. I don’t want a car that you all have traced or bugged, or a phone for that matter. I was married to a man who was an attorney for Delmar’s partnership for eight years. So let’s remember I know how you all do things here so I DON’T want to be traced by you and he gets a hold of it by some BOUGHT OFF crooked cop.” She said with much more intense than she had realized.