A World of Craziness

My kids are my world everything seems to revolve around them some how. Whether it be scheduling or dinner or something else. I have 5 children one who is 18 and he is getting ready to go off to college. Then I have two boys ages 13 and 9 who loves sports, the oldest plays basketball the younger one plays baseball. And then there are my two precious daughters that irritate the hell out of me they are 11 and 8. Both are in girl scouts. I try to teach the kids life skills by giving them chores but for some reasons they seem to not want to do them. Their rewards is that they get to go to friends house and do these activities however, since they keep this non listen attitude up they may have a boring summer.  The one that irritates me the most however is my 11 year old who doesn’t want to do anything I say and wants to constantly run her mouth. If I did any of the things she has done at her age I would have been beaten severely.  I live in a world of craziness as the kids have been through so much that I have allowed things to slide as a single parent. Some days I feel that I am trapped and been suffocated by the fighting, yelling and disagreeing of kids and the non listening. Please don’t take this wrong, I love all my children even when they have thrown a tantrum out in public because I said no they couldn’t have something or do something and have embarrassed me.  Oh my goodness, the boys are arguing over clothes, really.  It is an everyday thing never a peaceful day. My oldest says I hate her, I said thank you I am doing my job right. I am not here to be their best friend I am here to protect and care for them and to raise them to do right and not wrong, like constantly breaking windows accident or not. I have learn to use my military skills and tone at times to get attention. To tame the chaos and bring some order to the craziness. Some day I will be glad to look back an laugh when they have kids of their own and do similar things that they did.