Poor Old Mrs Pauley

The neighbourhood has seen better days. The dime store is closed now, I used to go in there and buy 5¢ bubblegum by the handfuls. Then race off on my bike back across the tracks past old Mrs. Pauley’s place. She used to live across the street from me. She raised a family of six boys all grown up and way older than me. I think the youngest Davey is around my dad’s age. I heard one of her boys went to the Navy and I think another lives in New York. All I know is that, they all moved away after growing up. It happens a lot in this small town. Me I will to I don’t no where to go yet but I would like to go see the beach first. But any where far from this dump. It is sure is a shame about old Mrs pauley losing her husband. He died in bed next to her she wasn’t the same since then. I heard my parents talking about that she didnt’t have no way to pay her bills. It must have gotten really bad for her. As I was waiting on Joey to come over the police car pulled into her drive all quiet like, there wasn’t no sirens or nothing so I didn’t know what was going on and this interested me. A young cop got out with a cranky odd old man with a wooden cane. By the time old Mrs. Pauley came to the door Joey’s bike hit the ground as he jumped off  and up to the steps with me.

“What’s goin on at Old Pauley’s house”

“I unno maybe Mrs. Pauley getting arrested maybe she killed her husband.”

Naw my mom said his heart gave out and he died in his bed next to her. Besides whose that old guy?”

“Hey mom come quick!”

She came and we asked her. She said nothing but that she was being evicted. I was glad that my parents didn’t rent for the rest of the week we watch if anything happen I told Joey. Mr. Pauley used to work at the fueling station and would gave us boys free bottles of sodas. Mrs pauley never worked. She stayed at home cleaning and did laundry. I would see her outside hanging clothes when I mowed the lawn on Saturdays. She would also make the best chocolate chip cookies and after dinner I would go out and sit on the porch and she would call me over and ask if I wanted any. Of course I would have to say that I ate my veggies. Even if it was a lie, I didn’t care those cookies were the best thing I could ask for.

It was Tuesday morning when the truck came and the twins came and started loading some stuff in it. Then the house was empty and a big For Rent sign went up. The only problem was that poor old lady had lived in that house for forty years and no one in town was wanting to rent it since old man Pauley died in it. Word spread around fast around town no one knows who started the rumor, but it was told that he haunted the house. With Mrs. Pauley not making any income she had to go stay somewhere else. So now it is quiet and dull again in this little town. I miss Mrs. Pauley’s cookies and milk. I am sure that somewhere she is making a batch right now to make some boy happy.

The next day