fun vs parents at a baseball game

I go to baseball game to watch my two sons play baseball. One is twelve the other is 9. I enjoy both it fun watching them have fun and learn a sport. There are many differences as with the older boys there is more competiveness then the younger team. But it is fun to watch them grow and enjoy the game. To be able to hit the ball the farthest or even just to hit the ball. To catching a Popfly to catching a grounder and getting someone out. I also enjoy the others player chants and the way the older kid dominates the fields.

What I don’t like about it is the disagreement of coaches and refs over a call. When the coach was obviously not paying attention. The other thing that really irritates me I found out besides my kids constantly asking me for money to buy food. It is the parents that overwork there kids that push their kid to much. The ones that are yelling at every game the same thing over and over.  And the sad part is seeing the disappointment in the child’s eye because they have let the parent down. My goodness can we just let them enjoy playing ball .

I read once at another’s teams field a sign that said something about they aren’t here to win world series rings. And it is true if we yell at the child to much the child is bond to have mental problems such as low self esteem.

So as I wrap this up to go to bed I just wanted to say that if a child has talent in a sport or anything don’t discourage them by making them feel discourage.  Try something new your plan isn’t working, the child isn’t only going to hate the sport but also the parent.