Truck drivers and 4 wheelers

Thanks to a friend for allowing me to post this picture of his truck.
Thanks to a friend for allowing me to post this picture of his truck.

At some point some of us have been afraid of truck drivers. Mostly because their vehicles are way bigger than ours and can do a lot more damage. I am a daughter, sister, ex-wife, cousin, and friend of truck drivers. I know how the sleep, drive and eat basicly. So this is to give you the memories of the life on the road how it isn’t always easy.

My ex-husband would get his road assignment or as they are called load assignment and then leave out. You didn’t work a nine to five over the road and you couldn’t always pull the load certain hours you had to be able to drive day or night no matter what kind of weather except for EXTREMELY bad weather. you sleep when you had to or could.  Truck drivers by law can only drive for eight hours they can work for fourteen but can only drive for eight. So those other hours would be used unloading, inspecting and loading the truck. Anytime they were out of the truck it was consider off duty if it was marked that way on the log book and they were not working.

So as you can see the work is some what normal job as some of us. So why are they dangerous.  Here is why?

Drivers like us as truckers call us four-wheelers tend to follow to close to them, cut them off, not looking at traffic ahead. Semi drivers have so much they have to do all at once almost in a truck while driving.

I know this from experience as I took a CDL course. I decided not to get my CDL’s. They have to check their mirrors every 5 seconds and be able to shift gears while doing this. Be able to make sure their back axels are going to clear the curb and not hit anyone or anything. Make sure that their trailer is going to clear bridge clearances. And to remember to still check mirrors to see if anyone is behind them and remember what car was behind them and what car has past and know if anyone is in their blind spots. They also have to make sure air hoses and brake hoses are not leaking prior to taking off. Making sure that everything pass inspection prior to taking off.

So I guess this blog was to say the next time you are near a semi driver stop and think are you following to close; they are suppose to follow eight seconds away. Can you see what is happening in front of him to stop really quick? Don’t get mad at them because they are slow remember they are providing your product to buy or delivering parts to the company for you to assembly.

They are humans and they deserve some credit and recognition for the hard work they may not seem like they do. but it I once you try it. There is a lot and it is mentally stressful.