Teenage Unfairness

When your child turns thirteen you hope that they at some point start acting somewhat more mature. Of course there are some adults who never grow up and act mature at any age. My son has been thirteen now for almost two month granted I know that it is to soon for him to all of a sudden be mature. But his eight year old sister sometimes acts way more mature than him most days. We were at the ballpark for one of the other children and he is sitting on the ground playing with sour patch kids candy. I am talking about giving them a voice and making them dance and stuff. Yes, he has a great sense of humor and usually always makes me laugh. But sometimes I would just like for him to think about what he is doing. I think he was given and extra dosage of humor than common sense sometimes. He is a bright intelligent young man if he would just apply himself in the right areas. He always wants to be treated like a typical teenager yet never acts that way. Than again he maybe his generation is totally different than mine. He wants me to give him the freedom I give my older son who is now eighteen, but that freedom he earned and got by being mature and acting respectful in public. Not begging me for more money for food or complaining he was hungry when he had just ate four hours ago, and had just had a bag of popcorn and nachos and cheese. How he can eat so much and still be hungry I will never know. I think kids now days are to much into technology that they don’t know how to entertain themselves to be able to mature to learn those lessons that some of us older generations had to learn before cellphones or the internet for that matter. I remember growing up and spending summers at my grandparents house and we didn’t have cellphones back than, you came home when the streets lights first start coming on or you got in big trouble. With my granddaddy it was either sitting on the davenport as he called it, watching baseball or westerns and you didn’t sleep either. I got to liking both and he had to find something new which end up being hard labor such as pulling weeds, mopping floors on your hands and knees anything to make you think about what you did wrong. I guess that is why my son is a little mad at me because I won’t buy him a phone or get him his own line mostly because I don’t believe he needs it. If he wants to go somewhere he goes there and no where else otherwise he comes and tells me different. He has an hour to go to friends to play as long as his chores are done and room is clean. Then he has to check in with me. I had the same rules when I was younger and they worked for me. He just wants to be like the rest of the crowd and all it is doing is teaching him to be more lazy. He has an Xbox 360, playstation 2 and a DSI and there isn’t one day that he isn’t on one of them. He can operate my iPhone better than I can and can do more on my windows 8 then I know how to, so it shows that kids are so into technology they know nothing else. I gave him a punishment to look up a word in the dictionary and toss one at him. His respond was “How do you use a dictionary?” I asked him, “Don’t you use them in school?”

“No, we either look them up online or the book gives us the definition.”

“Really,” as I showed him how to use it and started give him words everyday to look up every time he said a foul language word and we aren’t talking really bad words here. I am talking about words like jerk, prick, and anything in pig Latin. I hate pig Latin. It work really well I would say after two weeks he stop using any words that was on the “Mommy bad words List of words we don’t say” as my daughter calls it. Since I slip a lot and say a lot of cuss words myself mostly when I am angry and as they say my “sailor tongue” slips out. I tell them that using those words show that you have a short vocabulary and you don’t have anything intelligent to use. I also tell them that I shouldn’t use them when I am angry but we all make mistakes. I have only had to write two definitions to there two weeks. If anyone who has read this and is interested in knowing how this works comment and I will be glad to share. For now I am going to close this rambling rant of mine of Teenage unfairness and hopefully get some sleep.