Besides my children who I don’t really feel that they are a treasure or prize. They are more of a special gift of life they are important to me and more important to me than the things I treasure. The objects I treasure are family heirlooms I guess you could say. They are my grandfather’s flag from his funeral, and family bibles. My grandparent’s on my father’s side started a family tree in the bible and I continue to add to it, just as my mother’s bible that she had started with her family.  I was given these bibles from my father when my mother and grandmother had past away and he did not want them to get ruin or lost. Mostly since he is the only son of my grandmother. My son and I have used them to do 4-H genealogy projects with where he one regional and went off to compete in state competition. These bibles are very important to me that they are locked in a fire proof safe most of the time. I spend a lot of time deciphering the writings of my grandparents to input there genealogy. The reason these bibles are important is that they are part of my history as to where I came from and that is important to me. 

As for the flag it was given to my grandmother in 1987 when my grandfather was laid to rest. He had served in the Army during World War II. The flag is in the original plastic bag that was given to my grandmother. It was given to me after I had graduated boot camp. Even though I decided not to go into the Army and chose Navy instead, my grandmother and father thought it would be an honor for me to have. Of course I left it in my grandmother’s possession until she past away and then it moved to my house it has moved a lot but it remains with me and will always stay with my family. When I pass away I have already will these items to certain children that I know will take care of them and they will be important to them. My second oldest child will get the bibles as he has a knowledge and fascination with our family history. The flag will go to my youngest son since he is determine to go into the Army or Marines only so he can blow stuff up, destroy things and continue the family history of military family members.