My dog, my shadow

I have two chihuahua dogs named Dexter and Monty, I did not name them that the previous owners did. Dexter who is more of the Alpha dog is more of my shadow no matter what I do or go he is right there underneath my feet or on my lap. Today I went to the bathroom to fix my hair and he followed me in there just like any other day. However, today was a day he made me laugh at him. He was snapping at flies trying to catch them. Running around in circle trying to catch the flies that were obviously to fast for him.  I asked him (of course not expecting my dog to do anything) “do you really think you can catch those flies?”  He then jumps up to catch the fly that had landed on the bottom of my shirt. I then realized that he was keeping the flies from landing on me he was chasing them away from me. I then started laughing out loud. Everyone in the house asked me “What are you laughing?” 

“I am laughing at this dog who is chasing the flies away from me.” 

I went into the living room and sit down and the dog jumped up to my lap and laid there my fiance comes over to the stand to get something off of it and the dog starts growling at him in a low growl. He does not act like this with no one else but me and he is very friendly dog after he gets to know you he plays with the kids fine when he wants to play with them. Most of the time he is at least 3 ft or less from me. 

He reminds me so much of my grandfather’s wiener dog as I call them. I hated that dog as a child because every time my grandfather was sitting down and that dog was near him that dog would growl at you. But he only did this when he got older my sister said that they dog use to be very playful when she went over there and there is ten years different between us. So my dog is my little guard dog he sleeps with me and my fiance. He bark and growl when every he hears a noise and wakes me. Most of the time it is a child getting up doing something to early or sleepwalking. He is a very good dog and I love him and I am glad that he is my shadow around the house sometimes and my guard dog.