What is on my mind???

I am trying to write my novel, I have at least eight chapters to me done however it just seems to be missing something still and I really can’t put my finger on it write now. I am hoping that as I post chapters on my blog page Secret Love hoping people would read it and comment on it. As I would love to hear from others more experience and people who like to read. Other than that what is on my mind is that I have a new liter of baby kittens that my outside cat end up having before I was able to get her into the vet to get fix. She isn’t even a year old and had six baby kittens that now she doesn’t want to be with she keeps wanting to leave them to go back outside. The kids constantly want to mess with them especially my daughters and youngest son. So I know that I am going to be stuck with bottle feeding them soon mostly likely. Why kids don’t listen is beyond me. The other thing that is on my mind is that it isn’t even the middle of July and it is hot and I can’t stand it. I would love it to stay around 70 degrees with a cool breeze all the time like Fall or Spring. Which it seems we never have anymore. Annoying players on the online game that someone is playing. Why do teenagers act like they can be the boss of people they aren’t even suppose to be. I dislike know it all children, and that I know have a migraine headache starting that is going to irritate me because of the pain and the sensitive to noise and light. As if I can ever get a peace and quiet moment in my house. Oh wait there it is for 5 seconds than Mom he isn’t sharing or he isn’t listening, she took my toy. Ugh to sleep the time away would be to great at some point.