At mealtime mainly dinner it is always a nightmare most of the time. Why? Mostly because I have picky eaters as I call them. Usually one out of the five kids will like the meal prepared but there has been nights where none of them have liked it. My oldest now eighteen doesn’t really complain to much about the food prepared and helps prepare most of the meals. It is the thirteen, eleven, nine and eight year olds that complain. Either it is burnt or yuk broccoli or not spinach. I try to hide the rich good vegetables that they need inside of other things they will eat like pasta but they tend to find it an pick it out. They have found out that one of our dogs like broccoli only because they have feed the dogs. So it goes to say that our pets never go hungry as they get feed table scraps of whatever the kids don’t like. And most of the time there is trades going on where one child doesn’t like something but another does and will trade or give food away. I usually can tell a few hours later who hasn’t ate because they come asking for something to eat and I will say “did you eat all your food” and then that facial expression will kick in right before telling a lie of yes. And I always ask again to see whether or not they are going to stick to their story or not and usually the second time they say no in a shameful look and I tell them I’m sorry but you should have ate all your food, I worked hard cooking it for you and making sure it was nutritious for you and you choice not to. Sometimes I will get well it was gross or I don’t like it. Then I ask how would you know if you didn’t try it or how would you fix it better. So mealtime is always  a surprise as to the children’s reaction tonight I tried a new recipe they liked the chicken mostly but hated the sudden salad pasta.