Wedding Nightmares

I  am having nightmares of not find the right wedding dress that I want. We are doing a firefighter theme since my fiancé is a firefighter. I have picked out colors and everything else but I have not decided on what type of dress I want to wear. I know that I need to wear one with an A-line to fit my body figure. And since I am a single mom finishing my associates degree money is an issue. So my nightmares have begun since I would love to marry my fiancé but my first marriage didn’t work and neither did his so we have not set a date till we had everything for the wedding mainly my wedding dress. Hence the nightmares of never settling on the right one fear of subconscious not wanting to really get married fear of getting hurt again. So trying to decide makes me frustrated to were I give up my online searches for another day. 

Sorry I had no idea where that came from but just needed to get it off my chest and mind I think.