Four eyes are sexier than two

I enjoyed reading this and I too wear glasses and think they make me look smarter. I meanly only have to wear them when I am reading. When I first got them I hated them back then because they were so big and plastic and were not sexy at all. But times have changed and I agree.

Update: I took kids to eye dr. and as we were trying on glasses I realize that a lot of them were plastic. Most of them were cool looking or cute and pretty. There were a few that remind me of my first pair. My son who hates to wear glasses chose a black plastic frame with a tint to it so they look like spy sunglasses. Hopefully he will wear these and not mysterously lose them.

A College Girl's Confessions

Glasses: The universal symbol for the socially awkward nerd or the uptight librarian. When I think of glasses I think of the intellectuals, the Comicon fanatics, the hipsters, and those particularly proficient in the game of Magic.

In my head….I was not the one to wear glasses. I denied my inner nerdiness. However, it seemed as if the universe was aiming to make me embrace it.

I had an eye exam appointment scheduled last week and I was sure my vision was just fine. Growing up with my mom, the concept of annual eye exams were not a thing she thought to be important so I never had one. Visiting my dad led me to an eye exam which I thought was overrated, but went anyway.

At the exam they made me stick my head in what looked to be a torture device. It was. I pressed my eye into…

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One thought on “Four eyes are sexier than two

  1. I’m not sure if I’m sexier with glasses, but I definitely look smarter when wearing them. I used to wear contact lenses, but I deliberately switched to glasses when I started teaching to give myself an air of wisdom and to look more respectful 🙂

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