The Wheel in the Field

flying tire

I deliver a paper route in the mornings and on my way home last Tuesday my wheel went flying into some man’s hay field and is still there since I don’t want to step in horse poop. The cause of this was that I had a tire that the belt inside of it broke and it cause my tire to wobble. The wobble cause the lug nuts to be lose and come off and with turning and driving my van it caused the studs to break and send my wheel flying and my van into a small ditch. Messing up my rotor and brakes. I think back to when I was doing my CDL driving school and remember that we had to always pre trip our trucks and trailers to see if we had any fault equipment. Had I done a pre trip on my van and check the lug nuts I might have stopped it some and just had a flat saving some money on just having to get a new tire instead of rotor, hub, brakes and wheel. However I was never taught to check my vehicle to make sure that lug nuts were tighten before I leave. Some of us aren’t even taught how to change a tire or check fluids in a vehicle. So I guess if you have a newer car that tells you that this is wrong or that is you should check or have it checked. If you are like me and still driving something before 2000 then really pay attention to your vehicle know how it drives turn the radio down when you are by yourself and listen to it. You will be surprise that your car can talk to you somewhat. If you are hearing something that just don’t sound right have it check it could save you a lot of money in the long run and even your life. Oh and if your vehicle is staying on your side of the road when you let go of the steering wheel you got some tire/wheel problems or something it should only go to the side a little if the road has any slants in it. Stay safe out there and drive careful.