World of Hunger

This is a funny story made up by my 6 children while waiting for their dad to get his tooth pulled at the dentist. It starts out like a game one person tells something or a sentence and then another adds to it and the story is created and gets bigger, this story has no meaning really it could but it didn’t. As you will find out they were very hungry since it was getting close to lunch time.Food World

In a far away land there is a freezer in the freezer there is a world and in this world the clouds are made of pizza dough and the ground is made of cookie dough. And in this world there are chocolate dragons that eat pink panther made of bubble gum, which fart cotton candy. Which is eaten by the giant green gummy bear named Cody. That is hunted by the black licorice leopards, the leopards are born at sun raise and die at sunset, at sunset they combust into ice cream and dark chocolate. There are tiny people that harvest the dark chocolate for clothes because they are allergic to it so they can’t eat it. And they eat the ice cream because there is so much of it. The people worship the cheese dragon who destroys the chocolate dragons so they can used it for hot chocolate. And yes, the cheese dragons destroy the chocolate dragons because they are dumb and the cheese dragons think they are better. the cheese dragons lives on top of cupcake castles. The tiny people live in forest made of broccoli, because the biker gang known as “The Buns” hates broccoli. “The Buns” are friends with hamburger spider DJ’s.  The DJ’s live on the beach of the great Gatorade ocean. Within the ocean there is an island guarded by honey bun dolphins and cheese it sharks. On the island there is an uneatable brick wall which leads to the lair of “The Buns” boss, the demonic pretzel golem. The Golem fights the sweet tart angels with the help of hushpuppy cattlepults.  The angels are allies with the Oreo birds. There is a train made of sausage pancake that runs once a day around this world to deliver poison cinnamon buns to everyone. The tiny people live in pizza rolls and pee syrup and poop nerds. There are planes that fly around made of ice cream sandwich and no one can find the magic radio that plays music all day.  At certain times of the day there is a mushroom meteor  shower. When it rains it rains reese pieces and candy and the volcano spews hot sauce. There are tunnels created by gummy worms. The tiny children ride the Twinkie buses to gingerbread schoolhouses. There are elephants made of Doritos that roam around and white chocolate wolves.


Please forgive me as I copy this off of what they wrote so if something doesn’t make sense it was because they didn’t know how to spell it for sure. Ages  of children are from 8 to 18. Oh and they did get to eat shortly afterwards.