My Busy Life

After signing back up for school to finish the last two semester of college I have gotten really busy, some may have noticed since I haven’t been on for awhile. I am now the Secretary/Editor of the Accounting Club that I help started. I did not wish to be president. Given the fact that yes in some aspect I would have liked the title but I don’t like talking in front of a lot of people. I enjoy doing more of my talking here behind the screen or on paper, not in face to face. I have always been the shy person and even though I am slowly overcoming that I have no problem stepping aside and giving it to another classmate. So on top of the three classes and homework in each, the kids and family life I now get to work on putting together a newsletter for accounting club. Which is fine because I really have nothing to do in my spare time much since I am not working now since my van is not safe to drive alignment issues, and the kids mostly spend their time either on the xbox or in their room watching tv. The only time we spend together is when I making them do family time or they want something. So I am going to be working on my interview skills for the newsletter by asking some of you wonderful people if I can interview you. Well enough for now for those who have been reading my novel I will get you some more chapters uploaded soon they are done just need to be move.