Relating to IRS

Recently I read an article from Bloomberg Magazine, titled “The IRS sucks.” You can find video on this on Bloomberg and Youtube.

But how does the IRS sucks, as a taxpayer we all say this because the people working there are normally not someone we like because we either owe the IRS money or they are threatening to take property. Yet, lets remember these people are not the ones getting your property it is the government. The people there just work there doing their jobs, just like you do at your job. However, with the economic as it is the IRS has had cutbacks by government and are not able to do their jobs so this article is coming from the employees view as what life is like as an IRS employee.

One of the things that was also discussed in the article that I find we as humans do. When we don’t like something we avoid it. We do this to IRS employees when we find out that they work there. We distant ourselves from them, because we are afraid of them. But they go through the same thing as some of us. Bad day at work, lack of staff to help, family issues, etc., so why do we do this?

Another thing that got me to thinking is Mr. Big Brother’s involvement in the IRS and where will it go? Will the IRS remain or will there be new transitions to a new change to get rid of it. As a taxpayer we should be concerned with were our taxpaying money is going, what it is buying or paying. In 2013 the IRS was audit by Congress, since the IRS is privately owned by Federal Reserve Bank and you could probably say politicians.

Well, as I would love to write more on this I have to go to class. So if you want to comment please do so.