Secret Angel


Chapter One

As the two of us were loading the last of the bags of clothes into the Ford Explorer, Koda helped his baby sister Bella into the back seat. She was holding her doll and pointing to the DVD player. Koda knew that it was going to be a long trip and it would be even longer if he had to watch Bella’s favorite movie “Alice in Wonderland,” one more time. As he fastened the button to her seat belt he thought how many times had she seen it. She could already say each character’s line from memory before they said them. After pushing play on the player he went to the other side of the vehicle, putting his bag in he yelled over to his mom. “Is that all or is there any more?” I, looked at him with a glanced and said “No, Koda that’s it thank you.” Koda knew his mother would take her time talking to her best friend for a little while so he got into the front seat he unzipped the black bag he had sat on the floor. Reached in grabbed a small bag and pulled it out, and zipped the other bag back up. He opened the small bag grabbing the ear plugs and putting them in his ears he pushed play on his iPod. A faint loud music could be heard but not much over the movie. He turned on the DSi. This was how he was going to entertain his self for as much as possible. He was not looking for to another move, he was almost eighteen and had lost count at how many times he had to move.
I gave Sasha a hugged and said “I will call you later, when I stop tonight at the hotel.” Sasha a younger woman said as she let go of the embrace “you better.” I put Bella’s headsets on and gentle kissed my daughter on the forehead. I then open the door and slide behind the steering wheel looked behind me at her. As Bella was content with her movie, I turned the key to the vehicle and turned up my music just a little, a Tim McGraw song came across the radio as I put the vehicle in gear and headed toward the highway leaving my hometown. I wanted to stop in to check on y father before leaving town. Even if it was one thing I hated doing. He was now living at the Waters, a retirement home for the elderly. He was in his sixties pushing seventy was using a walker now and stumbling over his feet more. My brother was on the road more and couldn’t afford to stay home and take care of him. There was no one else in the family that could care for him. I pulled into the crowded parking lot.
Koda looked up and with a frown he knew he had to go inside to pay respect and not be rude. He didn’t understand why they had stopped his mother and her father did not get along very well. I stopped Bella’s movie and unfasten the young child. “Are we visiting Papaw long?” She asked. I looked into those big blue eyes and said “Not long sweet pea we have a long way to travel.” Bella frown a slight bit she loved her grandfather but also knew just like her brother that her mother didn’t get along with her father.
The three of them walked into the brick building. Bella saw him and wanted down so she could run to him. She knew he would stop walking to pick her up against doctor orders. “Papaw, Papaw!’ she yelled as her little legs scurried to him. “Bella, my love how are you sweetie pie?” “Good, we are leaving Papaw.” By this time everyone had caught up and I could tell my father was about to start the argument. I had learned early in life how to read my father so well. Something I had learned to do when I was young it helped to know when to stay away so that I wouldn’t get smacked across the face. “So, were to now? He constantly has you moving?” “Actually dad, I left him this time hopefully starting over fresh somewhere no one knows anything.” My father cleared his thought, Bella and Koda had wondered over to the fish tank as he said, “I am glad, that last beating had you pretty beat up and you need to get away so that he isn’t controlling you anymore.” “Thanks dad,” as she saw that Koda was looking at them with a questioning faced. “Jacob will check on you when he gets in as usually and Sasha will come by to get you to run you anywhere you need to go.” Jacob was her brother who was always on the road traveling he got his break early in life and loved to travel. Her father laid his hand on her shoulder balancing with the walker as he looked at her and said. “Just remember this isn’t the way you should raise children and you deserve better than that.” I fought back the tears and pain as I hated hearing him lecture me on how to be a parent and how to be treated. All those years of his abusiveness to my mother; she might still be alive if he had not been so hard on her back then. “I didn’t come to hear your lecture on parenting or how to run my life. Bella come say good-bye to your grandfather and gave him a kiss. Koda please take Bella out to the car when you are done.” Koda knew without a word from his mother to him it was that time where she would leave she did not want to make a scene or continue the conversation. “Bye- papaw, I love you and I am going to miss you.” “Bye my Bella I love you too and I am going to miss you also.” Bella starting crying as Koda shook his grandfather’s hand and picked up his sister as she let go of the hug to her grandfather’s side. As the two men stood shaken hands the younger one said only one word. “Bye,” while the other one told his grandson “listen to your mom and stay out of trouble.” Koda turned and walked with Bella who was trying to skip down the hallway now past other patients. “Why did you have to start in front of them? They don’t know yet what happen that night yet. Just because Logan is from Chicago does not mean that he will not come looking for me since I filed for divorce. I know too much and he wants me to stay quiet. I only came to let you know I was leaving. I am done talking to you. No matter what I do dad, you make me feel as if I am always screwing up.” As I put my hand on the door to push it open, a tear ran down my face. He touched my shoulder and said, “I am sorry, we all make mistakes just be careful I love you all and mean that.”
I shoved the door open and walked out wiping the tear quickly away so the children wouldn’t see it. The cold fresh air helped calm my nerves and pain some. My father watched from the window as I got into the vehicle to leave. He waved to Bella as the vehicle drove by the window. The little girl look toward the window and wave she knew in her heart and mind that he was standing there waving, as she cried silent in the backseat.
I drove past the houses and the familiar streets that I knew to well I got to the stop sign and made a left turn onto Stringtown Rd heading toward the interstate. Koda ask, “So where are we headed exactly mom?” I sighed I really didn’t have a clue and the unknown phone call from last night scared me so much I knew we weren’t safe. After two years Logan had founded out where I was and was going to make my life miserable. I knew I had to answer my son. I looked at him and asked, “So where would you like to go?” “Seriously mom, do you have a plan or are we just running like grand-paw said?” I wanted to sigh again but hesitated against it. I didn’t want to alarm or stress him out I could tell he was tense already. “I have some friends down south that I thought we would go see, some that I have not seen in fourteen years. Then maybe Italy, Australia, China, Mexico. What do you think?” As I looked to him with a smile, “funny mom so down south near the beach somewhere right?” He wasn’t looking at me; he was in the middle of playing a game so his thumbs were too busy pushing buttons. “Not sure how close it is to the beach, I know very little of Charlotte, NC. For now it will be highway till dark and we will get a hotel.” I was looking straight ahead eyes watching the other cars as a semi was about to pass them it was snowing again, and I for one was glad to be leaving the snow and cold temperatures. “Cool,” was the only respond I received as he put his ear plugs back into his ears as loud music with what seem to be screaming instead of singing begin to come from the ear plugs. I was glad I gave Bella her headsets. Now I could play my radio a little louder as I drove through Indianapolis. But it worried me had Koda heard about who beat me up the other night. She had told Koda that she had fallen sleep-walking. Koda had already known what was going on but didn’t want to upset his mother she had a lot to deal with he could tell.

Logan White picked up his belongings he was being released from county jail. He had been in there for assault against his wife now estranged wife. He dressed in a navy blue suit with loafers. Anyone could tell he had money, and looked important not someone to be in jail. He had bronze hair cut short and stylish welled groomed with a hint of a mustache grown apparently from the stay in the cell. The District Attorney did not like Logan at all and had asked for sentencing of three years. Logan got off with a week. The DA was furious thought Logan had bought the judge. Logan had only been out of jail for a short time after the divorce. Crystal tried to make it on her own with no help from him. She had dated other men that she would not normal date. She did not want to be alone mostly afraid of Logan or his men coming after her. That was the reason she had to leave. Logan had started acting crazy with his constant controlling acts even when he was locked up. Her best friend’s mom told her to leave. To come to the south she would be better and could start over fresh. So, she decided to load the kids up and head south. At first she thought she would only visit with Jonathan’s family for a brief moment and then go to Lee’s and Katie’s after wards. She didn’t want to be near Jonathan afraid of ruining everything for him. He was engaged and was expecting to have a baby. The last time she and Jonathan had talk had been six months when he told her the news of his girlfriend being pregnant. All Crystal could do that day was to fight the tears from showing up at the wrong time. It was good at that time that Sasha was living with her. She needed a friend back then to help.
Crystal and Logan had been living in Nashville, TN when she had met Jonathan and his mother for the first time. The three of them had lunch together while Logan was working. She felt an immediate connection to Jonathan and his mother she didn’t know what it was. Crystal had lied only once to them about the scar on her forehead that Sophia had asked about. When she had gone back to Indiana with Logan she did not inform him of her new friends. She had kept it somewhat of a secret as much as possible. She didn’t want to cause any problems to them and didn’t want another blow to the face from him. The scar had come from her accusing him of sleeping with another woman. She had reached Nashville, TN and pulled into the small motel. The A in the vacancy was out. It looked like the grass was dead in front and that not many people stopped in to stayed. She nudged Koda to let him know that she was going to go pay for the room. Bella was sound asleep in her booster seat. It was not dark yet but Crystal knew that the kids would also be getting hungry and she wanted to eat and rest. “Hello,” said the young lady at the front desk. Her name tag said Costello, “Hi, I need a room for three, please.” “Yes, ma’, would that be non-smoking or smoking.” “Non-smoking will be fine, thank you.” The lady told Crystal the price and she hand the lady the money in cash. She knew it would be better this way then to use her credit card that Logan could have traced. She used a bogus name on the hotel card and wrote down the wrong license plate number. She hated lying and felt bad about doing it but she had to protect her children in case Logan did have any of his men following her. However, it would be days before he would find out that she was gone and had left him. Since she had mention to him last, that while he was in jail she would be staying in Indianapolis and visiting her father from time to time. No one but Sasha and her brother knew that she had put him into a nursing home. She had reached the vehicle and asked the kids if they wanted to go eat. Bella asked if they could go to McDonald’s, Koda had suggested Chinese. After taking in some of their luggage the closest restaurant was Chinese was where they went to eat. “Mommy, where are we going, we have been driving for a long time.” Koda looked at his sister and said, “Get use to Chinese food, we are going to China.” Bella, with a horrifying look on her face look to her mother. “No, we are going to Charlotte, NC. So mommy can see some old friends.” This eased her daughter’s feelings and they enjoyed their meal and went back to the motel and had a restful night. She had call Sasha as she promised and told that she was in the motel and that she was so far okay. But she didn’t want to say anything else because she was afraid that her phone may have been bugged.
Logan was in some dangerous stuff and she didn’t know who was watching her or listening to her call. She had planned to get a new phone once she got to NC. So that way no one would know where she was and she could call Sasha and tell her more. But for now she need some sleep. She still had at least eight hours to drive.

 Chapter Two

She looked up at the ceiling and remembered where she was. She had woke up at around eight in the morning and went to grab her shower. Bella was watching Dora on the television. Koda was in bed with his ear plugs in his ears so that he could not hear the theme song to Dora. She knew he was asleep because if he was awake he would have been making comments of not this again. “Watch something else, anything but this kiddy show,” would have been the comment out of his mouth. Crystal grabbed her handbag with her shampoo, makeup and other female items in it and walked to the bathroom. She turned on the hot water hoping this was not a motel that had only warm water. She wanted a hot shower to ease the tension in her back and shoulders. She was in luck after taking about what seem twenty minutes in the shower she heard a knock on the door. “Mom, are you going to be done soon?” Koda was awake now and of course wanting the bathroom. “Yes, give me just a few more minutes.” She grabbed a towel off the rail and dried off. She put on a pair of jeans and an orange tank top with spaghetti strips. She gather the rest of her stuff and open the door. He had his clothes and shampoo in his hand. She begin fixing her hair. With wavy curls she pulled it up in a pony tail and pulled it tight. She was so glad that she had given Bella her bath the night before. She helped the little girl dress in a Dora the Explore outfit and put her tennis shoes on. She had the explore reload except for Koda’s stuff when he came out of the shower. “Mommy, can I watch Blue’s Clues instead of Alice?” “Sure, my love.” She changed the movie for her daughter after she had fastened her seat belt and adjusted the bags. Koda heard it playing and said “Oh, God, this is going to be a long and boring ride.”

Logan had called for a ride as soon as he was released from custody. He had his black sedan waiting to pick him up to take him to the office and residence of Francisco Delmar. Logan was now sitting in the den waiting to see Uncle Frank as everyone called him. Uncle Frank was his boss. He knew that Uncle Frank was not happy because Logan had been waiting already an hour in the den. He was sitting in a chair that was very uncomfortable his back was starting to ache. He thought about getting up to walk around but that faded as he looked around at the many enormous heads of animals that Uncle Frank had killed hunting, years ago. Logan heard steps coming from the stairway and he turned around to see who it was. A short bald-headed man came down the stairs and stood at the bottom of the stairs. “Logan, so sorry about the long wait.” Logan could tell that he was not sorry at all. It was punishment. “How, was jail, you were treated well, I take it?” “Yes, sir thank you, for looking after me. Now, to business of my ex-wife as I have found out, who help put me there.” “Yes, apparently, she has divorce you and she has left the state.” “What! She said she was not going to. I left her the house in Indianapolis!” Logan was fierce. “That is not that important. I have checked with my people there and the house is fine. She has not been there at all. What is important is what does she know about the business, what have you told her or has she found anything out on her own. You sleeping with another women and getting into a fight was not a good thing. You are lucky that my attorney was able to get you out.” Uncle Frank said with little emotion.
They were now upstairs in his office and he was behind his desk shuffling papers. “She knows nothing she was only saying stuff to get me to sign the divorce faster. Threatening me that was all I am sure of it. So do you want me to have someone to shut her up so she can’t cause any more problems.” “No, I think we will leave it alone I have enough problems. My sister’s husband has passed away and I need someone to go look after things for me down south in Charlotte while I am overseas handling arrangements he was my best friend for a long time. So, I have someone here watching things I just need you to go down south and watch the boys there some make sure no one is trying to stiff my sister out of anything. Make sure she has what she needs.” Logan looked at the clock it was almost six in the evening, as he wonder to himself, why was Uncle Frank doing this was he sitting him up or did he really trust him now. He didn’t want to keep Uncle Frank waiting so he quickly answered, “I can do that when do I leave?” “You leave tonight 9 pm is when your flight leaves out of O’Hare. Your bags are already packed I sent some boys over to your apartment and grabbed a few clothes is there anything else you need?” “No, sir I don’t think so.” “Good let’s go to the club for some dinner and then you can go on to the airport I will have a car drive you.” “Very well sir, thank you.” “Oh, I have my nephew in Charlotte who is going to be helping you some. He is planning on taking charge of things. I just want to make sure that he is okay and tough enough to handle the job.”
“Ok, I can do that also.” The two men walked down the stairs the younger in front of the older man. As they reached the bottom of the stairs another man open the door and two black sedans were waiting in front of the door. “The second is for Mr. White, sir.” as he leaned over and told Uncle Frank. “Ok,
Logan you have the second car. I will give you, your ticket and all at the club.” The man said as he slide into the backseat of the car.

Crystal had reached Charlotte, NC she had checked into a hotel with a suite since they were staying for a longer stay. She didn’t want to impose on anyone just yet.
Logan had the tickets, his luggage and was sitting on the plane. It wouldn’t take him long to get to NC. Yet, all he could think about was where was Crystal and the kids. He loved the kids he really did but he just felt trapped in the relationship, he wanted more, he wanted freedom. He didn’t want to have Crystal being more superior than him and he was afraid of that with her going to school to get her degree in Nursing. She was already a LPN and now she was talking about going to school for RN or maybe becoming a doctor. He hated it, he wasn’t getting anywhere in the organization and his partnership had terminated him three months ago and so far no one had known. He now knew with these charges that he couldn’t keep up the pretense that he was using. He knew soon that his savings would be out. Oh no, he thought had Crystal got a hold of the savings he was sure that only his name was on the account.

Crystal knew that if she had touched their joint account or any of the money it would alert Logan. She had to remember to think like him and she knew that she need to get a job soon, but the first thing that she would have to do was to call Lee. For now she need to get some rest and not let the kids worry.
Lee had not only been her friend for nearly fifteen years he was also an agent of the FBI and could get her in protected custody. When she had sent him the email message about what was going on with her ex-husband. He had advice her to leave the state to get away as far as she could and go somewhere where no one knew where she was going and not to tell anyone. She had reached Charlotte and he was already getting the new id’s for her and Koda made he knew that it would be hard to get Bella to change her name and remember it. He also had to help her with getting a place to stay and to start a new life. He had his best agents on this he thought.
Lee woke up poured his self a cup of coffee and headed t to his office when his supervisor called. “Where is your girl at? The one that was married to Logan White?” “Sir, she has not called me yet but she should be in Charlotte, NC so that I can give her the documents and send her to safety. Why, do you ask what has happen?” “Francisco Delmar has just sent Logan on a plan to Charlotte, NC.” “WHAT! I am on my way to the office right now.” Now he knew he wouldn’t be able to finish his coffee right now, so he left it on the counter grabbed his briefcase and keys and head out.
As he worked into the FBI he headed straight for his supervisor’s office so they could try to track what was going on and where everyone was. He didn’t know for sure if Crystal had done just what he told her to do. He had advice her to get rid of her phone and not to call anyone. “Take the chance and call the number she may not have gotten rid of it,” said the deep voice behind the desk with a phone to his ear. He didn’t have time as his phone rang and it was her. “Crystal, where are you? Logan is heading here not for sure why.” Lee questioned her with some concerns in his voice. “I am in a hotel here in Charlotte, I can come to the office in a few minutes is there some place that Bella could go to watch a movie so that she isn’t so freaked out.” Crystal said back to help ease some of the tension even though now she was even freaked out. “Of course, I will make sure,” as they ended the conversation. She got the kids loaded up and their bags in the explorer and headed out the door of the hotel as she put the phone under the front wheel and ran over it.
When Crystal got to the police station that Lee had directed her to he was in the shooting range training. Crystal and Koda sit in a small room with only a long table and four chairs. A female officer took Bella to watch Cinderella and have a snack and color some pictures of puppy dogs. Agent Lee came up to the office and open the door “Crystal you look great don’t tell my wife Katie, she would kill me. So let’s get you some ids and a new car and everything.” “Lee, wait how did Logan know I was here anyway? I did everything you had instructed me to do.” She said with concern. “Delmar’s brother-in-law died and he sent Logan down for his family Sophia Scott.” Lee said as he was looking at the paperwork. “Lee, I think I am going to wait on custody I have some other friends that I want to visit first that he does not know about before I erase my name forever and the kids.” She said with as much calmness as she could. “Ok, so what can I help you with then.” he said concerned for her safety. “I need some money. I don’t want a car that you all have traced or bugged, or a phone for that matter. I was married to a man who was an attorney for Delmar’s partnership for eight years. So let’s remember I know how you all do things here so I DON’T want to be traced by you and he gets a hold of it by some BOUGHT OFF crooked cop.” She said with much more intense than she had realized.

Chapter Three

“God has a plan Crystal, you just have to wait and see what he will do,” said Reverend Snow. Crystal gathered her jacket and walked out of his office. She had just visited with an old pastoral friend of hers and was asking what to do about the things in her life. What was she going to do she thought both were her friends and she loved them dear, just as much as she loved her two beautiful children and God. Crystal had always been impatient when it came to waiting on God in the past. She had learned that if she waited she got better results than going out on her own. She thought back to why she had moved from Indiana to Charlotte, NC. It was to get away from Logan as far as she could. And now here she was with knowing that Jonathan and his family was somehow tied in with Logan. Did Jonathan know Logan was her ex-husband? She was scared for them and needed to talk to him and his mother Sophia. She had to tell them about what she heard in the FBI office and she had to tell Jonathan she was not married.
She thought back to the time they had slept together how passion he was so much more passionate than Logan ever was to her. How he had kissed her that night and made her feel so much alive. She had to snap out of it and get her thoughts together. As she drove she called Derek to have him have meet her but what if she was now being followed by Agent Lee’s men?
. Koda was listening to his music and Bella was watching cartoons as she stepped outside to talk to Derek he had drove up from Columbia, SC and now, she was in his car talking about what she should do and what had happen. He noticed the bruises to her arm and the new scar above her eye. “So, are you okay seriously? What have you told the kids about the bruises and the cut?” He asked very concerned. Crystal thought about the night she had even slept with Jonathan’s brother Derek. Of course now she regret it. She had fallen in love with Jonathan “Yeah, I am okay, it looks worse than it is. I told them that I slipped on some ice and cut my head on some wood. Koda, maybe the only one that knows the truth. I think he was still awake when I was talking to your mom.” She said hoping that he would soon stop talking about it. “So what are you going to do now, does he know where you are?” He said looking through some Cd’s. “I don’t know I have an old friend who is now in the FBI and is going to set me up in a place and help me get a job. Other than that I am just going to start over. Besides he is here for business not me. He doesn’t know I am here. I am not worried about Logan finding me here as much as up north, since he doesn’t know I know about any of you.” She stated as she glanced at the time on her cell phone. “Well you won’t have to worry about him either. You got family watching your back now just trust God.” He said smiling at her. As she chuckled some and smiled back, “that is what I am doing now. Trusting God.” “Well you do know why Jonathan didn’t want to come and why I had to meet you here instead. He doesn’t want any rumors going around or trouble started. But it is good to see you and mom can’t wait to see you and the kids soon.” Crystal laughs, and then responds, “Well, I didn’t come down here to start trouble or to get into any drama with his life. But if he doesn’t want to come see his friend then so be it. I still love him as my best friend and that will never change.”
Crystal thought about that and how so much had changed. In the last six months that she had been able to talk to her best friend and now she was only an hour drive away from him; yet so much had changed. Sophia had invited Crystal out to her place and just to make sure she wasn’t being followed by anyone she had them picked up in a private car of hers at a restaurant. “Mommy, why are we going out the side door and not into our vehicle” Bella a confused five year old said. Koda quickly realized what was happening and said, “to play a game of music cars and to go somewhere secret that no one must know but us.” “Thanks, Koda” she said to him smiling as they got in the car and she looked at the black car parked in the fourth lot from hers. It had pulled up at the same time shortly after her and the two men did not get out. She called Lee “Do you have men following me if so you need to call them off they will create attention and Logan will then find me. I told you I will be fine just have to find some way to make some cash.” “I will call them off my boss thought you needed the protection it is procedures. I do have a job for you at a hospital working day shift Monday, Wednesday, and Friday part time hours is all I can get you right now.” “That will work I have to go now Bella spill something on her clothes.” She didn’t want to just end the conversation he may have suspected something then. It was good that the little girl was lying on her shoulder fast asleep.
The car came to a stop with what had seemed an hour. The young gentleman opened the door and the three passengers got out of the car. When Crystal stepped out of the car she then saw him on top of the horse. He was so sexy and looked like a knight missing his shining armor. His face lit up and smile at her. He asked Bella if she wanted to go for a ride he could tell she did of course. With a nod of excitement she let him lift her up with Koda’s help and off they went. Koda found a quiet place to sit in the shade and play his game as he listen to his music.
Sophia had sweet ice tea sitting on a table for them. “Derek said you know about my brother sending someone down here.” “Yes, ma’ Logan White is the name,” she said with sternness it was now down to business not just a social call. Crystal could tell that this was some of a bother to her. “I have recently lost my husband and he wanted my brother who was his best friend to take his ashes back to Italy and spread them out over some of their favorite places as a child growing up before moving here. He knows that Jonathan is going to start running my businesses. I do not understand why he would send someone down here to run restaurants.” “Ma’ do you serious think I don’t know or do you not know what your late husband did. And I am sorry for your lost.” Crystal said with sternness and sympathy looking into the woman’s eyes. “Oh, she said well then I must not hesitate we need to know more as to who this Logan is and what are his true intentions. My concern also is yours with this FBI agent of yours what are the two of you?” Crystal knew that this was a test of character and truth Logan used to do it with new recruits to see who was loyal and who wasn’t. “Agent Lee has been my friend for fifteen years almost and is trying to protect me from Logan White my ex-husband. That is where the bruises came from. I accused him of sleeping with another woman and had proof and was going to turn him in when he nearly killed me. It was Jonathan’s call that saved me that night. “
“Well, then we need to get you somewhere more safe then the FBI since my brother has men on the inside that your ex could use. And I need to make a phone call to my brother better yet a visit to my dear brother.” Jonathan had came walking up with Bella and everyone turn to look at the two of them. “Mommy, Jonathan took me for a long ride around the whole house and they have lots of horses and dogs and a pool.” “That is it Jonathan stays here by himself with staff you should stay also tonight at least and in the morning he can go get you a vehicle.” It was said by his mother he didn’t argue, no one dare to.
Jonathan and his fiancé had broken up, she had lost two miscarriages. With his business trips to Chicago and Indianapolis areas, Jonathan and Crystal’s path had cross and they had end up in the same bed together more than once. Her feelings for him were hard to push down deep inside and not show.
For so long Logan had kept her from going to church, from her family, and from making new friends. Here she was getting a new started and thanks to Jonathan’s encouraging and his mother’s help she had found her way back to God and was trusting him again.
But she still had sin in her life she was not perfect and she wanted to fix that but she hated being alone. She missed the pleasures that a man gave her when she was with Logan. Even though he may not have always been the man to give them to her since he had her sleeping with other men for money at times. That was how she had met Jonathan in the beginning. Her thoughts rushed back to those memories. A low chuckled rolled out of her as Koda open the door to the mini -van. “What are you thinking about?” he said with a puzzled look on his face. Koda was a mature young teenager, he did not act like the other teens his own aged.
Did not cause any trouble either. Crystal was always so thankful and blessed about that. She looked at him and smiled, “nothing really just something personal.” It was how she had pissed Logan off with not doing Jonathan for money. She had spent some time with him one on one and decided that she was leaving Logan and she wanted to spend time with Jonathan her first act of adultery in many years. However at that time she had sled away from God, and was not following his plan. She had been led by her ex-husband down a dark and dangerous path. She had slept with Jonathan and even thought at that time she did not have feelings for him except to be a friend if he ever needed one.
Now, she found herself wondering about scriptures as she read her bible. She was stuck on a verse from Matthew 19:6 “So then they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.” She was divorcing Logan on grounds of abusiveness and sexual immorality. She was right with God on her divorce and he had provide the divorce papers for a Christmas blessing to begin a new year with a new beginning. Now, she was confused as to what about her past with all the men that she had slept with she felt that most were not from and of God’s doing, but Jonathan was a different story it seemed.
When life seem to get out of hand it seem that God knew that she need a human friend to help and would bring him into her life. Or was he in her life for her to help them turn around.
Since Lee had married Katie, Crystal had lost in touch with him, she had moved away to go take care of her dying mother. She remembered their long talks under the warm country sky. He had no idea what he wanted to do with his life at that time and she was determined to care for patients or become a doctor. Funny that changed staying with Logan he did not want her to be independent or more successful than him. What had changed him to get married and settle down? Did he fall in love with Katie after all these years of them working together and going to school together?
Was she being tested? She had now confirmed her loved to Jonathan not only by tattooing her body in a stupid depress night of drinking with friends. But by admitting it to God that he was the man she loved and was so thankful for having as a friend. Yet, Jonathan did not return any feeling for her except to be a friend. She pulled into the daycare center in robotic motion still numbed from the phone call that she had received that morning. Lee had called and had told her that they had spotted Logan.
As the kids loaded up in the minivan Bella asked, “Mommy, are you okay?” The small child was trying to be able to read her mother’s blank expression on her face. Realizing what her daughter was doing she snapped back into reality and stated that she was fine. Crystal feeling exhausted from the busy day and overwhelming one that it turned out to be, she pulled the covers up as she sat on the couch in her favorite spot. With her cup of hot coffee and her textbook and laptop she begin to do some Psychology homework. She had a test to take the next day and want to study some. The younger child had finish her homework at the daycare and she had checked it off. The quick lasagna dinner was cooking in the oven she had at least an hour to study some. She prayed quietly to herself, “Lord, let there be no interruptions so that I may study for this test.” Apparently, as she open her book that was not his plan for she heard a knock on the door. “Jonathan, Derek what a surprise!” She then noticed that Jonathan had crutches and a cast on his right foot. “What on earth did you do?” She quickly gasped in shocked knowing that he would come back with something ridiculously dumb that he did while he had been out drinking. She held the door open for him to get in and the rest of her friends and his family. Samantha was Derek’s girlfriend, who was pregnant with his baby. Samantha and Crystal had became friends after they had met. “Feel off the top of my truck.” Jonathan said as he moved to her spot that she was just occupying moments before they had showed up. “What, seriously what were you doing on your truck.” She knew soon she would have to drop the conversation she would not get too much out of him. “Don’t remember, I think I was trying to shoot a deer with no gun.” Everyone laughed, Derek who was sitting on a chair by the fireplace turned and looked at Crystal and then she felt it she was about to get an interruption by God. “Crystal, he can’t stay alone he needs someone to help him get around and Samantha and I are going to be gone next week. I would ask mom but she is out of town. He doesn’t have anywhere else to really go. Can you help us out?” She looked at Jonathan’s leg in a cast, and then to his brother her respond was “what? You want me to babysit more less this adult man who….all never mind,” she was hearing the voice that said “HEAL HIM”, “hope you brought him some clothes.” With a smile Derek shook his head yes and left out of the house to get his brother’s bag.
Crystal left the room to grab the lasagna out of the oven to let it cool for the children. Derek had entered back into the house with an oversize duffel bag that he dropped near the stairs off to the side. “Well, I hate to run, but we have to go call if you need to, Crystal and thanks so much.” “Sure” she said as she walked with them to the front door. She then hollered up the stairs for the children. As they came running down she looked at each one of them and pointed up the stairs. Each one turned and walked back up the stairs and then walked back down the stairs. Koda was the only one who had not ran off course at the age of almost fifteen he knew better. “What’s Jonathan doing here,” ask Bella. “He is mommy’s new unpaid patient sent by God. Who is going to say the blessing?” As everyone bowed their heads he said “God is good, God is great let us thank him for this food now let’s eat, Amen” Crystal chuckled and shook her head from side to side. She walked into the living room and looked at her guest and said with a stern voice. “You seem to be capable of using those crutches very well so move on into the dining room.” He looked at her with a puzzled but crooked grin and said “Okay this is going to be interesting.”
After dinner Koda helped his mother load the dish washer and then went upstairs to take his shower. Crystal turned and look at Jonathan “You want to go upstairs now or later?” He shrugged his shoulders. She turned and walked away, as she headed for the stairs she grabbed his bag and lifted it up so she could carry it up the stairs to her room. She would have to figure out where God wanted Jonathan to sleep. “Lord, now what?” She said softly under her breath.
Her apartment was not designed the best since all bedrooms were upstairs and so was the only bathroom. Jonathan knew e would have to sleep upstairs, but where? Bella said, “I am not sharing my room with anyone I only have a toddler bed ha.” Koda had his door locked and music blaring with the sign on the door that said “DO NOT ENTER” on the white it was writing in permanent marker enter or be shot. Jonathan laughs slightly as he remembers his own room and similar sign as a teenage express his own privacy. “Well, I guess I am sleeping with the unpaid nurse.” He says with a slight grin and smile. “No you get my bed and I am sleeping on the pull out sofa.” She grabbed her pillow and an extra blanket from her closet and went down stairs after turning on the baby monitor. “What’s that for?” he said with a puzzled expression. “Duh, in case you or Bella has nightmares and need me to come rescue you.” as she cocked him a slight grin and laugh. “Ha Ha” he said as he tried to pull the covers back. She reached around him and pulled them down for him to climb in. She then went downstairs to her couch and pulled out the sofa bed and fixed it. She knew this was going to be a long and uncomfortable week.

Chapter Four

Logan had arrived at the hotel that Uncle Frank’s directions had said. He unpacked his bag and put the items were he could get them. He started making his plan as what was next to stake out the Scott’s mansion and see who came and went and then to decide who to talk to first and introduce his self. No-one knew him here he thought.

Crystal had gotten up and got the kids ready and took them to school. She had dropped off Bella off first at Springfield Elementary then she dropped Koda off at the High School. She then return to her apartment to the smell of bacon. However, something didn’t feel right to her as she enter the door she noticed that Jonathan’s crutches were laying on the floor and things were turned over.

Logan heard her footsteps and her come through the door and waited by the corner of the kitchen room. As soon as she enter the room he grabbed her. “Hello, my love, oh wait we are divorced how ironic is it that we end up here together. See I came to talk to your new boyfriend and found out he is shacking up with my ex.” She then noticed that Logan had tied Jonathan up to a dining room chair. “What are you going to do Logan?” “Oh don’t worry it won’t be painful for you,” as he grabbed her body and forced his self on to her. She knew that there was no way of fighting him it would only end up worse for her. As he enjoyed the thrill and entertainment he was getting from Jonathan. He looked at Jonathan while he held his body over top of Crystal licking her neck with his tongue where Jonathan wanted to place his tongue instead.

Jonathan hated the sight of this jerk touching Crystal this way and he couldn’t do anything being tied up to the chair and with a broken foot. It irritated him so much. “What do you want Logan?” Jonathan said hoping to get him to stop. “Tell your mother this job is too dangerous for her and that she should sell out now while she can, before someone gets seriously hurt.”

Logan kissed Crystal on last forceful kiss as he left the two of them in the room her half undressed and Jonathan tied to a chair with a bloody face. As Crystal got herself redress and clothes fixed she helped untied Jonathan. “I didn’t mean for you to come in the middle of this like that, but we need to go to Chicago. My mother and Uncle Frank will know what to do about this guy and find out who he works for.”

“I can tell you that, he works for the man you just said Frank Delmar. Is he really your Uncle or do you just call him that because you work for him also?”

“Damn, we need to pack there is no time to talk and we need to get the kids and go now.”

“Well, I am confused, if Delmar sent Logan here in the first place why would he be threatening your mom if she is up there with him?”

“Like I said I don’t know what is up with this guy and what he wants for sure. But I don’t believe that it would be my Uncle’s doing.” As Crystal grabbed three bags of clothes for them and packed it in with Jonathan’s bag he then asked her. “So how do you know so much about Delmar and him sending Logan?”

“I have a friend in the FBI that is following Delmar and Logan since he had beat me up and got caught in a few scams. He told me about Logan being down here and didn’t think there was a connection to me and Logan being in the same place at the same time. He was going to put me into protected custody but told me that the reason Logan was here was because Delmar’s best friend had died and he was looking after his sister his widower. Oh my God he really is your uncle!”

“Yes, and I spent many summers with him and my dad learning the ropes as you can say. Logan just caught me off guard I thought he was you coming in till I felt a blow to the back of my head and when I woke I was tied to the chair.” She drove to Jonathan’s house first so that he could grab a few other things first and switch vehicles. The two men at the house helped moved the bags from her minivan to the silver Volvo which he had given her keys to. Off they drove to the schools and she signed the children out for a family emergency. “Mom, where are we going?” asked Koda. “I have an emergency in Chicago I need to take care of and since your mom is helping me while I have a broken foot you get to fly to Chicago with us.” “I hope you packed my IPod and Nintendo?” “I did and I packed your portable DVD player Bella” She enter the airport and dropped off Koda and Jonathan off at the curb with the bags so that he wouldn’t have to walk so far and she parked the car with Bella and they walked across the parking lot. She kept her eyes appealed looking for Logan to pop out of nowhere and try to ran her down for trying to escape or run again. She was so tired of running from him she wished he would died. He purchased four tickets to Chicago O’Hare and they had some time to wait so he asked if anyone was hungry and of course the children were and they all walked to a Cafe that was in the airport terminal. Crystal was worried and he could sense that. After eating they loaded the plan that was leaving for Chicago. The kids were so excited about flying on a plan in such a hurry, with VIP seats.

Jonathan rented a dark green, Ford Explore and had the bags loaded into the back of the truck as Crystal got into drive. She hated driving in city traffic with not knowing where to go. They drove to a very nice clean neighborhood with fences around each house. Frank Delmar’s house was a brick house on the left side of the street. It had two floors visible from the outside. A huge back yard where she saw dogs in the back and men sitting on the porch. She could see over the hedges of the house. He had a circular driveway which had two black sedans in the driveway already in front of the door. Next to the house was a three car garage and a studio above it.

She pulled into the driveway off the street and was so glad that she was out of the traffic. There was a man that had came to the door wearing black work boots, black pants and a black jacket with a white shirt underneath. “Johnny, man it has been ten years since you been here what gives and who the hell beat you up? Need me to whip some ones ass for you.”

“No, not right now I don’t. Where is my mum and Uncle Frank?”

“Upstairs, talking businesses as usually they just got back from dinner at the new Italian restaurant down the street.”

“I need someone to keep an eye on this one with the television and someone to show Koda to my old room upstairs.”

“Yeah, sure anything for you man.”

“Wow,” was all Crystal could say a man that had a broken foot and had just had his ass pretty much kicked was giving out orders around like he own the place more than anything else. “I lived here most of my summers Uncle Frank gave me my summer jobs at the restaurants and showed me a few things or two. So the guys that have been here the longest know me by Johnny and do what I ask. Hey Benny don’t forget to get someone to grab the bags in the back.”

“Jonathan” he had heard his name from the stairs as he was helping Bella find a movie to watch. And then he saw his mother and Uncle coming down the stairs. “Yes, ma’ it is me, we have some problems at home.” Sophia didn’t need to ask what kind she could tell by looking at the two the bruises on Crystal’s neck were now starting to be visible and Jonathan’s were a lot worse. “Who is it?” Was all she asked? As the four of them walked up the stairs Crystal heard Jonathan whisper to one of the men do not let her leave this room except to only go to the bathroom. I need to help Crystal cover up her bruises first. Koda turned to Jonathan with an evil look, but Jonathan shock his head no and whisper “later kid later I swear I will tell you.”

Jonathan knew in his mind that it would be hard for Crystal to tell Koda that it was his father. It would devastate the young man that he was becoming. He would have to do it when the time was right, but when was something for another time not now. Now, he needed to concentrate on how to keep them safe and to get rid of Logan White.

The four enter the office room as Crystal lingered around the books not really paying attention. “Jonathan who did this to you, son?” his mother asked again this time expecting an answer. “Logan White”

“What that son of a, I just bailed his ass out of jail for beating his ex wife.” Frank Delmar said slamming his fist down on the desk. “You should have left him there he is out to ruin you. He told me one night when he got so drunk he said that we would be so much better off in a few years he was going to take over the Scott’s estate and have it all he said it’s in the will, and that ex-wife would be me.”

“WHAT” Frank was furious with anger he remembered the first time he had hired Logan to do any work for him it was when he was a law student doing wills and estates he had helped do Sophia’s and Charles for them. Uncle Frank wanted to make sure that everything was okay when they had passed away and things were looking good for the Jonathan and Derek their only two sons. Crystal turned and looked at the man that looked like he was getting weak. “Sir, you should sit down you do not look so good.” “I am sure you I am fine are you a doctor?”

“No, just an LPN.”

“Well, then I will take your advice and sit down what else do you know about your ex husband who seems to be pulling a fast one over me.”

“Well, sir the club he has been running has tipped off the FBI and DEA because of his extracurricular activities that go on after you leave the club and it looks like you have given the orders instead of him and that you are doing the dirty business. He also raised two of your streets protection to cover bail out money that he had to pay for some of his men getting arrested for drugs and he didn’t want you to find out. Most of the things were done when you were out of town with Sophia at her side when her husband was dying of cancer.”

Jonathan was shocked as to how much of his life this woman who he had only met a few years ago and she knew more about his life than he could imagine. And more than he knew about her.

“I turned him in to protect my friends when I heard what he was doing I was the nurse that had attended to Mr. Scott a few years ago when they were in Tennessee for awhile on business. Logan’s mother had kept the kids while we were on business there also, and were thinking of moving there. I was working part time at the hospital when he came in being sick and all. I had met Sophia and Jonathan and told them if they ever need a private nurse for him while they were in town I would sit with him. I never informed my husband of the meeting and left it at that. Sophia had ran across my number a few years ago and I told her that I could not get away from my abusive husband at the time and that if I could I would come as quick as possible to help her. However, I was two months to late. Again, I am sorry for your loss that you all have suffered. I sent Logan to jail and was talking to an FBI agent about to tell him everything I knew that Logan had done when I heard about the Scott’s and you sending Logan to watch them. I knew that was going to be a bad idea but I didn’t think he would act so quick and so abusive.”

“Well, since you haven’t told the police anything but the abusive and Logan thinks you know nothing we should surprise him.”



Chapter Five

Bella was laying in the bed with Koda, as he slept he started snoring and it interrupted her movie and she shoved him out of the bed onto the floor, with a loud thump he hit the floor and they begin to start feuding about him not feeling good and her being mean. “Get out of my bed or I will bite you” she said. She yelled for her mom to get Koda out of her room. “Get him out of my room; get him out of my room.” “It’s not your room Bella,” he said as he stuck out his tongue at the young girl. Crystal open the room and saw the two of them fighting and shock her head, “What is going on with the two of you? This is unlike you both. Go find a corner and count to twenty. “

“Mom, I don’t feel so good and Bella’s room was colder” Jonathan had made it up the stairs and with the slight redness to Koda’s head he could tell what had happen and he went up the other flight of stairs. “Wow, I haven’t been in here for ten years almost. I don’t think some of these bands are playing. Now, where is that brick?” Koda was now curious as to what the man was talking about a brick and remember seeing one in the corner of the wall beside the broken air condition unit. “I found this air condition in an old abandon apartment that used to be a favorite rock singer of mind that I don’t even remember his name now funny huh?”

“So, what’s the brick for?”Jonathan handed the brick to Koda and said “tap it right there on the corner where all those marks are”, as Jonathan pushed the button in it worked out blew cold stinky air. “Maybe we should buy a new one?”

“Yeah, old man go downstairs online and order one from Lowe’s and have them deliver it. I thought it was cold here in Chicago?”

“It is in the winter times.” Jonathan said as the two walked down the stairs.

“How many times have you flown before?”

“None that was my first and hopefully last ugh.”

“I will make it your last now I promise and I don’t break my promises. How about some air it is cool outside and there is something in the garage that I think you would like and it will get your mind off the jet lag.”

“The what?”

“Never mind come on.”

He took Koda outside and showed him the drum set and guitar and then showed him the dirt bike and track out back.

“Why are you being so mean to Koda for Bella?”

“I miss my room, my toys and my movies.”

“Bella, dear we have only been here almost a day.”

“I have a solution since I have to go into town for some things how about you two come with me and we can get some new toys for Bella. I never had a daughter and always loved this one store that had the most beautiful baby dolls every.”

“Really, I want to go mommy, please.”

“Okay Bella, let’s get dress and something to eat.”

“Oh, no time for eating, besides there probably is not any food in the cabinets you would want. We will go to my restaurant and have the cook fix us anything Bella wants.”

“Pancakes” she says pulling a shirt over her head.

“I am going with your mom into town to get a few things with her. Koda can help you around the house if you need help. Please don’t let him get hurt on that thing.”

“I won’t let him do anything that I would do. I promise.”

The two ladies got into one of the sedans with Bella in the middle of them. The driver got into the front seat and drove off with them.

Koda looked at Jonathan “Okay my mom isn’t around who hit her and beat the two of you up?”

“You may not believe me if I tell you but your father.”

“Oh, I believe you I have heard the two of them arguing in the past and saw them pushing and slapping each other.”

“Wow, this family keeps surprising me with what they already know.” Koda laugh and then looked at Jonathan. “So what are you and your family planning on doing to my father, who if he cross me the wrong time and I have a gun I will shoot him for what he did to my mother.”

“Calm down boy, I know you are upset and all but he is still your father.”

“He hasn’t been a father or even been there when I needed him so how can he be my father just a sperm donor that is all.”

“Let me talk to my uncle and see what he has planned and then I will inform you.”

“Already, okay, you got any good video games to play.”

“They are all ten years old but I am sure that some of the new guys might have a few newer games hidden ask some of them.”

“Won’t that get them into trouble then? Nah, as long as you say it was yours if uncle ask and then return it without any questions.”

“Okay, cool.”

The two men walked into the back of the house through the kitchen and Koda realize he was getting hungry. “What is there to eat in here?” “I will send one of the guys out for two cheeseburgers and fries what do you want to drink?”

“Chocolate shake please.”

“Good choice, I like you kid, and don’t take that the wrong way you will get called that a lot around here. I will be back.”

As he hopped up the stairs with the crutches and broken foot. Koda wondered into the living room where there was a pool table and three men playing billiards. “Can someone teach me?”

“Yeah, sure kid.” Koda thought for one moment he better get use to the kid stuff because Jonathan was right he was going to get called that a lot around here. “Thanks”


“So what’s is the plan to get rid of our problem of Mr. Logan White, without tracing it back to any of us.” “I have called him back to Chicago told him I needed him back here for a major thing to look after my stores while I am gone in two days.” “WHAT, are you sure that is such a good idea.” “I have my best man Benny here to watch him. I am going to go to Mexico and see cousin Carlos and then to get some other re-enforcements and to kill him off.”

“Okay, when will he be here so I can get Crystal and the kids out of the way.”

“Oh that is my back up plan I need Crystal to talk to that FBI agent of hers and let her know that Logan is up to something and that she needs to go into protected custody for awhile.”

“That means I will never be able to speak to them again. She may not like that.”

“She was going to do it before she found out about you being followed and no we won’t get arrested with what I have planned.”

He finished telling Jonathan the plans that he had for how he as going to get Logan arrested and charged with attempted murder and sentence to death. He had made some calls and requested some favors from a judge and DA office. Along with some favors from the chief of police.

Uncle Frank new that the chief of police would like to arrest and take down Logan who had become the main drug trafficking person in the metropolitan area.   The police, judge and DA was end and next would be the DEA.

“Logan has already seen the two of you together and thanks there is something going on. I think you should try to make it more convincing. So that he wants to murder you but I am sure nothing with happen to you or Crystal with the FBI and my men watching you both.

Oh, forgot you are going into protective custody also so is your mother. You getting beat up like that and Crystal getting beat up in her own apartment worries her she doesn’t want that. She came up her to sell me her estate and just manage a few of the restaurants down south for


“Why, didn’t she tell me this morning about it or ask me what I thought of it last night.”

“She came to me when Crystal told me that the FBI was tracking my moves and she didn’t want to be in with the FBI watching her ever move also she wanted out she didn’t want you to live that life. She wants you to settle down and have a nice family life with kids and a loving wife. And this isn’t that type of lifestyle you know that.”

“Your right it isn’t a lifestyle for a kid growing up.” “I will make sure that you all have what you need money wise and cars. She is thinking of Italy, where your father and her met.”

“She needs to get out of town soon I don’t want anything to happen to her at all I love my sister and would hate it if something happen to her. So, she is leaving today to go home and then fly to Italy where she will met you all.”

“So, how are we suppose to get Logan to attempt to murder me then?”

“Sophia will take Bella, Crystal and Koda back home today and you will stay with me and together we will convince him that the two of you are dating and about to get married and inherit your mother’s and my businesses.”

“Wow, today has been full of surprises today.”

“Alright, I am sure that will convince him but there is one problem I promise Koda no more flying he gets air sick.”

“Okay, so I will send a couple of men to drive them to North Carolina with them.”

“Okay that works when do you have him scheduled to get here. I take it that I am going with you to Mexico than also.”

“Yes, I want you to pick the men you want to be watching your backs.”

“Send me with mom to North Carolina with them in the limo I have all the men that I want to protect me here and at home. Send Jack and Albert with us I chose them they have always had my back and I grew up with them. So we know each other like brothers like you and dad.”

“Alright, I will bring two men to place them and increase forces be back here in two days.”

“Okay, two days.”

Crystal and Sophia was in the toy store letting Bella look at all the dolls. “Crystal, we created a plan but you may not like it at first. I want out of this madness it isn’t a way for my kids to start a family in. I only want to do restaurant management and owning restaurants. I sold all to Frank so that we all could be safe by going to Italy. Here is the part you won’t like Logan is going to attempt to murder Jonathan for being in love with you and planning to marry you and taking over my and Frank’s businesses. Jonathan will have look out snipers outside to watch his every move. As soon as the FBI see Logan, about to take the shot then they will either shoot him or take him down and have him arrested.   He will be surrendered by both the FBI, DEA, the Chicago Police and all of Jonathan’s men, Frank’s men, my men and his cousins Carlos’ men, from Mexico he will have no where to go someone will shot him if he runs.”

“So the whole time this is going down we will be in Italy worrying about what happens. You are right I hate this idea.”

“Yes, I am sorry that you do have to worry about my son but he wants to save you and this was the only thing we could thing of. Jonathan has hated Logan for two years ever since we came back from Tennessee and had met you.”

“He does the dumbest, stupidest things. But I am so glad that he does want to protect us. It makes him a knight in shining armor.”


















Chapter Six

Crystal, Jonathan and Koda was in the Ford Expedition driving back. Bella so wanted to fly so Crystal had trusted Sophia to take Bella on the plane to North Carolina but Koda’s air sickness was going to create a slight problem getting to Italy later. Crystal didn’t have to drive, Jack and Albert did the driving and her and Jonathan could sit in the back and talk. Koda was in his own world and the two of them took advantage of it in a low whisper as to what his uncle and mother thought would be the best plan. Crystal thought everyone was in to big of a hurry to get rid of her ex. Of course she liked the idea of not having to worry about him threatening her or the kids but she didn’t want to put Jonathan’s life on the line for it. And a plan to get married she thought about their talks years ago when she was taking the bus back home from Tennessee she couldn’t wait for Logan to get done with his work she had to go home to tend to the children. As she was wanting in the terminal, Jonathan had text her and asked if she was alone she said that Logan wasn’t with her. They talked about weddings since she knew he was planning on getting married and she was looking at a wedding book. They both wanted a small outdoor wedding in the country. She didn’t get to have a wedding, Logan had already been divorced and didn’t want to have another big wedding.

She looked into his deep brown eyes that was hidden underneath the bill of his South Carolina hat. She had just realized that in his tee shirt made his chest looked so much broader and bigger. She wanted to hold his body in her arms to feel him over her body and be trapped underneath all that muscular body. The smell of his cologne arose her body emotions.

He looked into her eyes and could tell she was wanting him a look he knew so well from other women. Yet, this was different she was fighting it some she wanted him to want her as well. He rubbed the top of her hand closets to her without any one seeing him do it just enough to tease her to see what she would do. Quickly she responded as she pulled her hand away. “I need to stop at the next rest room facility, please.”

She was in luck they only had to drive a half of a mile. She got Koda to let her out and went into the ladies room splash some water on her face and asked herself. “What are you doing? He just lost his child twice and got out of a bad relationship he is only trying to get a feel for this idea that his mother and uncle put in his head.”

As she started out the door and went to grab something to drink and snack on someone grabbed her. She could tell it was him he pinned her up to the wall and without any more hesitation he kissed her. She passionately kissed him back as they were stuck there in a moment of just there own. His hand around the lower middle of her back the other on one crutch his body up against her front pressing her up against the wall. As she brought her arms around his neck and linger in to add her tongue as he slide his in between her lips. She didn’t want him to move nor for it to end and he was sure now that he wanted to stay where he was with her there with him. He had found what he was looking for, or who he was looking for. When finally he pulled away she could see that his brown eyes had a different shine to them. As they walked back to the car he had to find away to make sure they stayed together and to make a plan to really get her to marry him.

She hated riding in vehicles she remembered she got car sick so she took some motion pills and went to sleep on Jonathan’s shoulder for the next four hours of driving before Koda woke her to tell her they were stopping for some food.

Bella and Sophia had made it back to Charlotte and they were out shopping up a storm on new clothes for Bella and dolls of all sort for a tea party with her new china tea set of fine porcelain. Sophia was ordering everything to be boxed up and packed for moving. She called Jonathan to find out where they were. Bella stopped playing for a moment to tell her mother about all the dolls they bought and stuff animals to have a tea party with. She even told her about the old man snoring on the plane that sounded just like Koda.

Crystal was happy to hear Bella so excited. She couldn’t wait to give her a hug and to have tea with her at her tea party. They ate steak at Chili’s and then switch driver she tried to get the guys to let her drive but they said no. She also tried to get Koda to get in the middle and he said no. “Looks like you have to sit by the unpaid patient. How about I pay you now?” “Just let me sleep so I don’t get sick. Okay.” “Definitely. Is there something I could get you to help sleep?”

“No, except maybe some country music.” “You could listen to my iPod.” He reached into his bag and retrieve a white and blue mini iPod and handed it to her. She stuck the ear buds into her ears and started listening to “My Best Friend” she drifted off to sleep on his shoulder again. He enjoyed the feeling of her laying on his shoulder even if it at times got uncomfortable. He even feel asleep a couple of times watching her breathe.


Logan begin to pack some of his belongings back into his bag so that he could return to Chicago. He was interested in taking over the Boss man’s estate while he was gone. He had to start making his plan on how to get him out of the way also. Jonathan was going to become a problem now since he was with his ex-wife. If it came to it he would have to take them both out and raise the kids his self. He could hire a nanny for them. He would have to make it look like an accident so the kids would not get upset. Sophia had found out about the will just in time and had removed him from being heir to her decease husband who was so sick he didn’t know what he was sign that day he came to get a signature. She was going to be the last he got rid of so he could enjoy the pain and suffering she endured losing her sons and brother. No one knew that the old man died of suffocation from Logan. So he had lost his job for it at the law firm, but no one could prove he died when he was there he was alive when he was last seen by the nurse while Logan was in there. Logan said he was sleeping when he left and the nurse did not think anything of it since the man was old and very sick. It was easy killing the man.

But Uncle Frank Delmar was going to be a little bit tougher, he was a fighter. He had to think of a way to make it look like an accident or done by someone else. “Ah Ha” he thought out loud to himself. That was it he would talk to the drug lords and convince them that the person turning them in and getting them busted was Frank Delmar they would retaliate against him and someone would get in a lucky shot. It would go down as a drug deal gone bad and nothing more said.

Crystal and Jonathan would have to die by torture of watching everyone die. He taught about it tying them up in the vehicle, after kidnapping them, he would send the vehicle off a curb with a bomb attached to blow up so that all evidence would be gone.

And Mrs. Scott would get her just desserts by dying of losing her love ones and she will see that he meant business and not to mess with him and she will give everything to him and then commit suicide.


Sophia called Frank after she talked to Crystal and Jonathan. “Logan, is going to be planning something since he wants both of our estates and tried to get mine twice now by force and stealing. So we need to be cautious. He will try anything you know that.”

“My dearest sister, por favor don’t worry. But you are right we do need to be cautious and I would suggest informing your men and keeping one close to you. Crystal has Jack and Albert to watch her and Jonathan has a few other men to watch him. Once he comes here Crystal and the kids will stay with you and your men. So have trust and as you do so well pray.”

“I am doing that but I don’t like the thought of my son going in front of the firing squad more less. I am so afraid they may arrest him or worse yet shoot him.”

“He is going to be fine. It was somewhat of his idea I said no at first but then reconsidered it. He didn’t want me to tell you that it was his idea. He wanted you to think it was mine.”

“He loves her he just doesn’t really know it yet does he?”

“Probably, not she is unique and different. The children are an added bonus what he has wanted and lost from the last one.”

“Well, brother I am going to get Bella off to bed and I will talk to you in the morning. Te Amio”

“Te Amio Sophie”

Sophie was Frank’s nickname for his sister. He loved her very much and wanted nothing but to protect her, Jonathan and now Crystal and the kids. He felt this was his mistake his fault. Logan was his man gone bad and now needed to be taken out. He wasn’t going to be able to wait for the meeting he was going to have to shoot Logan himself first.



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